Thanksgiving Job-Seekers Assistance

Although we at Berman Larson Kane continue to witness an increase in hiring by our clients. During this Thanksgiving Holiday let us remember the 15 million good folks who continue to be adversely affected by our high unemployment numbers.

Over the past several years the personal painful histories that I have witnessed, due to no job or meaningful work, continues to be heart wrenching for all of us in the employment profession.

As president of our organization I assure you that we will continue our free community out-reach programs to assist all “job-seekers” with their efforts to gain solid employment. Since beginning this program 30 months ago over 42,000 individuals have participated. My wish is by Thanksgiving 2012 our webinar attendance will decrease to zero. And this service will no longer be needed because all those who want to work can find work.

During this week of thanks, I encourage each of you as professionals to lend a hand, take a phone call, share a linked-In invitation, review a resume, coach an interview or pass on some advice to a challenged “job-seeker. It is the giving help to a job-seeker that will be remember for a life time.

We at Berman Larson Kane continue to thank each of you for your business support during our thirty-one year history. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and take a moment to please be thankful for your job and remember those who continue to seek employment.


Bob Larson, CPC