Supply Chain & Logistics Supervisor, Butler NJ

Title Supervisor, Supply Chain and Logistics
City Butler
State NJ
Description Summary:
The Supply Chain and Logistics Supervisor is responsible for site success through efficient distribution/manufacturing, value stream processing, and team management. The position will also support all order fulfillment activities including collaboration with other departments and affiliated companies to ensure strategic objectives are delivered.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Accountable for developing and leading a supply chain team, processes and performance.
• Ensure efficient and effective manufacturing and distribution (warehousing, inventory management and transportation) of products.
• Provide functional leadership and direction for scheduling, capacity planning and optimization, procurement, receiving, shipping, warehouse management, inventory control and logistics.
• Develop means to reduce costs while maintaining business objectives.
• Develop and manage strategic sourcing capability.
• Develop analytic methods to analyze performance issues to identify supply chain performance and provide actionable solution.
• Build and maintain good relationships with customers, shared service and staff to achieve objectives.
• Responsible for maximum profitability of the site through effective planning/monitoring of the budget.
• Responsible for oversight of succession planning and staff development.
• Hire, train and develop staff
• Develop and manage KPIs for business critical functions.
• Develop and /or update SOPs to cGMP
• Provide accurate and timely reports for related business units ( customers, management, finance, RAQA)

• Understands financial targets and budget goals.
• Keeps abreast of current developments in their field.
• Exhibits sound and accurate judgment.
• Knowledge of e-mail, database software, spreadsheet software, word processing and QuickBooks
• Advanced materials management skills including Planning, Purchasing, Sourcing, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving

Education and/or Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree from four-year college / university (Business, Supply
Chain/Logistics, Technical preferred).
• 4-5 years experience in distribution management and/or manufacturing operations with 3 years supervisory experience.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.


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President,  Berman Larson Kane
President, Berman Larson Kane


Many job seekers are tempted to slow down their search for a new position (or pause it altogether) during the winter holiday season. But according to an article published by, career experts say that taking a break from your holiday job search is a mistake — because hiring doesn’t stop.

At the end of the year, some companies rush to fill job openings that might otherwise be removed from next year’s budget, the article pointed out. Still other organizations will be looking ahead. “Jobs that might have been on hold until budgets are in place will become available in January,” said career expert Kimberly Bishop.

Roy Cohen, an executive coach agreed. “There’s a belief that recruiting shuts down during the holidays,” he said. “That’s a myth — so when other people take off from their job-searching during the holidays, you’re at an advantage should an opportunity surface. It’s all about numbers and odds.”

In fact, the holidays provide some distinct advantages and special opportunities for proactive job seekers. Here according to the article are some ways to make the most of your holiday-seasonal job search:

  • Be Flexible — Judi Perkins of recalled: “When I was a recruiter, the holidays were one of my busiest times, and I was often on the phone either side of Christmas day.” This means that you should be prepared to interview at unusual times, to allow for a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s busy holiday schedule.
  •  Do Volunteer Work — All sorts of philanthropic organizations ramp up activities during the holidays – and volunteering can be a great way to network, gain skills and fill the gap that unemployment might otherwise leave on your resume. “You’ll meet other volunteers — great people who, by nature, will want to help,” Cohen added. “You’ll feel good, too.”
  • Look into Temporary Positions — Many companies have end-of-year crunches — at the same time that many workers want to take time off — so they look to staffing agencies to fill gaps. A temporary position can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a new company.
  •  Use Holiday Social Events to Network –You don’t want to make every conversation about your job search — but letting people know how they can help you is crucial. “Have your pitch — who you are, what you want and why — ready and perfect,” Cohen advised. And try to keep things positive. When you tell people you’re looking for work, also tell them how you’ve been productive with your time off.
  • Reach Out to Your Contacts — The holidays are a great reason to reach out to friends and acquaintances as well as to reconnect with people. “Send out a holiday greeting, but add a little extra in your message,” Cohen suggested. “Email or snail mail the card to everyone in your job search universe. It should be upbeat — that you continue and are committed to search for a great job and know that it is only a matter of time and timing.” Be sure to express your gratitude to those you reach out to and if you don’t know which holidays a contact celebrates, “Happy New Year” is a safe sentiment.
  • Help People in Your Network — Remember that the holidays are a time for giving, so find ways to help the people in your network. They’ll be likelier to help you in the future.
  • Recommit to Your Job Search — Lastly, start the year off right: Make an appointment with yourself to determine your goals for the coming year. Then schedule some time to update your resume, practice your interview skills and polish up on your personal brand.


Career Report July 2013

Do You Know What Signals You Send at Work?

When it comes to how you’re judged at work, you might think that the quality of your work is all that matters. But, according to an article published by U.S. News & World Report, human perceptions are a lot more complicated than that, and you might be sending signals that you don’t realize or intend. Here, from the article, are five of the top ways that you inadvertently send signals about yourself at work–and how your boss and co-workers might read them:

1. Whom you hang out with at work. No matter how good your work is, if you’re always hanging around co-workers who only do the bare minimum, have a complaint about everything or don’t get along well with their managers, you’re likely to be perceived as sharing those same traits – even if you don’t. Likewise, if you spend time with the office’s high achievers, you’re likely to be perceived as having a similar work ethic and values (and those things can rub off on you in reality too).

2. What time you leave each day. If you watch the clock and leave every day at 5 p.m. on the dot, prepare to be seen as someone not especially committed to work, and only putting in what’s absolutely required. That can impact you when it’s time for raises and promotions. On the other hand, if you always stay hours longer than everyone else, you might be seen as committed – but you might instead be seen as someone struggling to handle his or her workload. Better than each of these is a more balanced approach – not running out the door at the stroke of 5 each day, but leaving around the same time most other people do.

3. What you wear. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is an old saying for a reason. You might get away with wearing jeans and ratty shirts in your role, but if the people above you look more polished, you’ll probably go further by wearing more business-like clothes. Fairly or not, people have an easier time picturing you managing others, doing higher-profile work and dealing with clients when you look polished and well put together. Rather than thinking of the dress code as telling you the minimum you can get away with, think of your work clothes as telling other people how you’d like to be perceived.

4. How you behave in meetings. If you sit silently in meetings without participating, you’re signaling that you don’t have much to contribute, or that you don’t care enough to contribute. Even worse, if you spend most of the time checking texts on your phone or reading sports scores, you signal that you’re unengaged with the company’s business. So try to participate if you can – and at an absolute minimum, make sure you look attentive.

5. How your office is decorated. If your office is utterly barren – no photos, no décor, and no evidence that someone inhabits it – you might signal that you’re just passing through, that you’ll be on your way as soon as you find something better. It’s easy to bring in a lamp and put an art print on the wall, and it will make a difference in how people see you. On the other end of the spectrum, don’t go overboard: If every surface in your office is covered with photos, art and figurines, you’ll look like your focus is somewhere other than on work. You also want to avoid a messy office, which can make you look disorganized and unconscientious.

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New Competitive Landscape Develops for Talent Acquistion

We at Berman Larson Kane have witnessed a shift in the “IT Technology and Sales Staffing” that requires labor intensive steps to isolate the best talent. If this change has occurred in a few niches the majority of the market is not far behind. To recruit the best talent a recruiting plan that isolates the passive non-job-seeking candidate has always been the core of the BLK’s 33 years success. So to bring the best talent to your door we fish in three pools continuously.

Pool #1 – Qualified but Not Looking Talent – The majority of talent is not looking for a new job. Even if they are not 100% satisfied most employees are sitting at their desks doing a good job and bringing great value to their employers. Reaching out to this pool requires: organization, automation, tenacity, persistence and a very labor intense effort by our staff here at BLK. In organizing a work plan we at BLK need to discuss with the client: competitor sources, optional titles that this person might bear, email blast lists, lures to temp a passive candidate into speaking with the client, advantages to working for our client, career path, current and potential compensation and competitive advantages. All of these steps and many more require a very organized detailed plan and communication and sales skills by our recruiters.

Pool #2 – Qualified Actively Looking Talent – These are the millions of job seeking candidates that have their resumes displayed on the web. Whether displayed on the public, private, and niche or discussion boards. Sifting through this vast resource to isolate the “unique” requested talent is an art and a science and requires seeking, qualifying, and as the market becomes more competitive luring talent.

Pool # 3 – Actively Selective Looking Talent – These are what we refer to as web surfers. They do not have their resumes displayed on the boards nor are they sending out mailings to announce their availability. This is a group of talent that checks the job boards and selective websites on a regular basis looking for the ideal position or career move. To get the attention of this group one needs an organized web campaign that includes: job boards, social media, niche sites, corporate sites and agency sites. Attractive image, reputation, tenure and ethics presented correctly yield the best responses from this group. However, to attract the correct “unique” talent” using this method always means sifting through the 1,000 of incorrect responses to isolate the few correct ones.

So as you look to fill your jobs or find the best talent, remember jobs and hiring are very serious undertakings and the step of isolating the best talent is a very labor-intensive undertaking. We here at Berman Larson Kane have been attempting to get it right for the past 33 years and continuously are modifying and improving our systems to attack the “Best Talent the Market Has to Offer”.

If you have a talent acquisition challenge it is my pleasure to listen and see if we can recommend a cost effective solution. Thank you for your continuous support. Stay well. Bob Larson, CPC

2012 New Year Employment Wish & Predictions:

The CHASM between Employed and Unemployed

Well another year is coming to a close with the unemployment rate remaining high. Good hard-working educated folks continue to aggressively seek work, but are unable to land a new position. The news media remains flooded with heart-breaking stories of lost homes, families, egos, confidence, health and benefits. We at Berman Larson Kane have witness many a gut wrenching hardship story and remain deeply moved from innocent suffering caused by our sluggist economy.

As a disconnect; we have recently experienced a strong difference between hardship and prosperity. Q4 2011 was a good quarter here at BLK for job-orders, placements with the emerging of new clients adding to staff. How could our little microcosm begin to see growth while so many suffer? Firms are adding to headcount while the unemployment rate remains above 8.5% and job creation numbers are dismal? Could the government reports be incorrect? And even though our small company is experiencing growth , we still do not have one client that is in full steam ahead aggressive hiring mode. It seems the 99% majority are living in two worlds. Those who remained employed for the past three years and those “not” employed are living two very different experiences.

For those of us employed. We have not seen major salary increases but have not lost buying power. With such low inflation, along with our worries about the economy, we have increased our saving rates and decreased our discretionary purchasing habits. This seemingly logical good behavior has caused each of us to feel richer while assisting the anemic consumer economic growth. FEAR of job lost seems to override logic. This is not a complaint but a observation of those who have kept their employment status for the past 3 years. We are the lucky ones, the ones with uninterrupted pay checks. Struggling but not in desperate straights.

As for those that are unemployed. We all know the hardships, the lost and the feelings of desperation. Everyday, I must tell someone that I do not have even a interview within their skill set. Ouch OUCH!….and those employed fear that one day in the near future they will be joining the ranks of living without a paycheck. Or working as greeter “Welcome to _____ may I have your zip-code”

Well if our BLK barometer is correct hiring will return to a faster pace beginning Q1 2012. This expansion will restore confidence to those with jobs and hopefully accelerate spending. Jobs for the unemployed, spending for those with jobs will hopefully lead our economy into an expansion period and put this “Great Recession” behind us. Happy New Year! New job creation will make for a GREAT year for all.

Thanksgiving Job-Seekers Assistance

Although we at Berman Larson Kane continue to witness an increase in hiring by our clients. During this Thanksgiving Holiday let us remember the 15 million good folks who continue to be adversely affected by our high unemployment numbers.

Over the past several years the personal painful histories that I have witnessed, due to no job or meaningful work, continues to be heart wrenching for all of us in the employment profession.

As president of our organization I assure you that we will continue our free community out-reach programs to assist all “job-seekers” with their efforts to gain solid employment. Since beginning this program 30 months ago over 42,000 individuals have participated. My wish is by Thanksgiving 2012 our webinar attendance will decrease to zero. And this service will no longer be needed because all those who want to work can find work.

During this week of thanks, I encourage each of you as professionals to lend a hand, take a phone call, share a linked-In invitation, review a resume, coach an interview or pass on some advice to a challenged “job-seeker. It is the giving help to a job-seeker that will be remember for a life time.

We at Berman Larson Kane continue to thank each of you for your business support during our thirty-one year history. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and take a moment to please be thankful for your job and remember those who continue to seek employment.


Bob Larson, CPC

Fourth Quarter Job Creation Trends

I know the world financial markets continue to gyrate in wild patterns. I know emerging markets are suffering with inflation and slower growth rates. I know the US treasury bonds is a safe haven for the world (lucky for us). I know everyone is predicting at best moderate job growth over the next two years with unemployment remaining high. Fears of a double dip recession becoming a reality is mentioned in every media report.

But, I will stick my neck out and predict that job growth will begin to accelerate during Q4. We at Berman Larson Kane are seeing a swell of activity from many clients, and increase in new business and a upward trend in talent competition for key skill sets. I hope that our tiny microcosm is an accurate predictor for the rest of the economy.

Another positive sign I witness last week while attending the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) 50th anniversary staffing conference in Las Vegas, NV. The consensus of the 350 recruiters in attendance was that they are seeing a pick-up in interviewing activity that will lead to a increase in hiring over the next few weeks. One international staffing leader informed me that he is planing on 2011 being a record year, with a strong Q4 and looking for steady growth through 2012.

Berman Larson Kane continues to see increased demand for technical sales staffing, IT staffing for both developers and support, a increase in contract pharma hiring, support and IT. Our HR division remains soft but experiencing a small increase.

Going forward I am optimistic that hiring will continue through 2012 and build momentum well into 2015. I would like to see us return to under 5% unemployment even if the main driving force is the aging of our workforce. Bottom line good things are on the horizon.

I thank all our clients for their continuous support and having the confidence to allow Berman Larson Kane the opportunity to assist with their talent acquisition challenges. Can’t wait to celebrate 2012 and beyond and that all that want to work can.

Jobs & Markets Turmoil

The world markets are gyrating in wild patterns. The banks are announcing layoffs around the world. The confidence in the United States is degraded by S&P and the world continues to use our treasuries as a safe haven. The unemployment rate remains high and job creation numbers are moving sideways. The tenure and security of government workers is questionable and their pensions are underfunded.

So what is the bottom line for job-seekers in these periods of turmoil. I am not sure that anyone, any leader or “think tank” knows the answers.

From our little world at Berman Larson Kane we are witnessing a sideways momentum in job creation. A few pockets continue to compete for top talent, software development, software/ technical sales and general sales. Business support functions continue to generate a few additional jobs but nothing to effect the unemployment rate. Our clients remain cautious and with the exception of confidential searches & replacement slots are reluctant to push of significant increases in headcount.

So our recommendation is for those who have managed to hold onto their jobs for the past three years to count their good fortune. As for employers this is a great opportunity to upgrade talent pools with the wonderful talent available.

As for us here at Berman Larson Kane we thank our loyal clients for their business. We will continue to add value by finding the best talent at the most reasonable cost. Business opportunities abound in this market and those with strategies to win market-share will continue to prosper. I am thankful that we are on path to a record year as we add value to our many clients, assisting them with growing sales and services through creative talent acquisition.

As president for the past 31 years, I can assure you we will continue to learn, adjust and help our clients’ talent acquisition make them stronger and stronger. This is a great time to be in business as we listen closely to the soft opportunity knocks.