Bergen County NJ Recruitment & Staffing Firm | Berman Larson Kane

Recruitment & Staffing Firm | Berman Larson Kane

Recruitment & Staffing Firm | The Tier Process

The Tier Process offers clients a flat fee based pricing option. Fees come in below market rate of 20%.

Recruitment & Staffing Firm | Consultants

Berman Larson Kane has an ongoing database of IT and HR consultants available for long and short-term projects.

Recruitment & Hiring Firm | Free Employment Webinars

As a Community Service Project Lunch time “how-to” sessions. Topics range from networking to interview preparation. Bob Larson, CPC, President and his staff will provide job seeking insight and hands-on techniques.

Talent Aquisition & Staffing Firm | Talent PipeLine

To assist in our clients’ strategic growth initiatives, BLK sources and supplies a targeted skill set candidate pool that will add bench strength to their talent base.

Recruitment & Staffing Firm | FasTrack

FasTrack is a time sensitive fee structure that ensures our clients a lower fee based upon the length of their hiring process. The graduated fees start at 15% and cap at 25% based on a 30, 45 and 60 days to fill metric. FasTrack is a non-exclusive pricing option and provides our clients with a 90 day prorated guarantee for placements.

Recruitment & Staffing Firm | Retention Management

BLK’s Retention Specialist works with our clients to evaluate and improve processes that engage, motivate and retain their newly hired talent.