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Aim, Shoot, Get Hired!As president of Berman Larson Kane, it is with great pleasure that I present some of our best newsletter articles in this book. For the past 25 years our wonderful staff has worked very hard to offer the “Best Staffing Options” to our clients. The career road often has many twists and turns and sometimes unanticipated icy spots. As you navigate towards your success, this book will assist you in predicting these hazards; guiding you towards achieving your career goals. I am sure that at least one tip in this book will enhance every reader’s career.

– Bob Larson, CPC, President of Berman Larson Kane

“Twenty-five years of offering the ‘Best Staffing Options.’ Thank you Berman Larson Kane for all your career assistance.”

“These reports will not help you select where to place your career ladder; but they will surely help you climb some of the rungs. A definite good read.”

“Berman Larson Kane is definitely the career guru.”

“I have been receiving the Berman Larson Kane career report via e-mail for the past five years and have always found the tips to be of great value. It is even better to have so many of the articles condensed into this book.”