Regional Sales Manager CA,OR,WA, Hi Great Healthcare Company

 JOB  TITLE:          Regional Sales Manager Pacific


 Develop and direct sales and related marketing activities through the respective field sales personnel assigned to the region and/or with designated dealers, group practices, and labs. Develop and communicate objectives both annually and monthly to ensure effective communication and coordination of all related activities between the Headquarters and Field Sales including regular contact with various internal functional areas (ie. Sales Management, Marketing Managers, Finance, Customer Service, etc.). Utilize understanding and knowledge of the dental market along with product expertise and selling skills/resources to assist in creating effective strategies and action plans to optimize sales results within the assigned region. Mentor other Sales Managers at various levels to develop best practices, high performance, and consistency throughout the sales team.


  1. Develop, plan, coordinate and execute regional sales strategies into objectives and action plans for the existing product lines and all new product lines introduced. The incumbent will take into consideration geographical nuances along with A & B customer data, large group practice and dealer utilization as well in these plans.
  2. Train, co-travel, mentor, motivate, evaluate and effectively utilize Field Sales personnel within the territory to meet the sales objectives for the assigned region. Introduce new sales personnel to top Key Accounts, Dealer management, group practice management, and others to help infuse the new person into the territory
  3. Utilize support personnel and other resources of the Company to enhance outside partnerships and other organizational support for accomplishment of territory sales programs, objectives, and
  4. Directly manage and expand top key accounts, group practices and dealer management in the assigned region to maximize sales and customer Manage enrollment of trade and promotional programs and update specific key accounts on business plan strategies for win-win results. Evaluate and recommend additions to partnership and/or dealer networks, as applicable, that are consistent with Company’s strategies and objectives.
  5. Assist in developing, executing, and recommending changes to the Company’s sales policies and procedures including the Company’s annual promotional/trade
  6. Analyze, manage and interpret sell-through data for the assigned area to optimize sales, confirm that the Company’s sales results are representative of the market performance and evaluate the effectiveness of resource utilization (personnel, freight, value added funds, cost center spending, trade conventions, open houses, etc.). Recommend corrective action as
  7. Identify, monitor and review sales benchmarks/productivity measures reflective of the sales organization’s performance within the assigned region. Take corrective action as required to improve



  1. Responsible for operational budget targets for the region and those affected by the region ensuring cost control is being practiced by personnel with value added on each


1O. Maintain and comply with company policies and procedures as they apply to the position (ie. Scrap processing, money laundering, Code of Conduct, etc). Maintain proprietary information securely.


  1. Utilizes personnel resources and data systems to effectively cover identified schools/universities and high volume groups to maximize sales and influence leading opinion leaders within the assigned region.




The Regional Manager reports directly to the VP of Sales and is responsible for the generation of maximum sales growth from assigned accounts and personnel, effectively utilizing strategies, sales skills, personnel and available resources. This position is strategic, administrative, managerial, tactical, and technical as it requires complete understanding of dentistry, the dental market, large and small account management, sales planning, selling, networking, professional communication, conflict management, training, comparative/competitive selling techniques and broad supervisory and mentoring skills. The incumbent must be extremely motivated and active in the field in order to properly manage and grow a territory, train personnel, review and develop performance of oneself and others, communicate the Company’s objectives and translated action plans, while also maintaining personal contact with key account management and other decision makers in the region. This position is also responsible for all field sales personnel within the assigned region. This position is also responsible for all key accounts, large groups, and top dealer management within the region which includes, maintaining a relationship with key management, regular business plan updates with each, managing promotional/trade programs for these accounts and the assigned region, and analytical review and recommendations with updates on sales results and forward-looking goals to Sales Management and Headquarters regarding sales data. This position will also mentor other Sales Managers to improve overall Company performance.




A BS degree is desirable or equivalent with a minimum of seven plus years of experience in the heathcare or relevant industry with a combination of front-line business to business proven sales results, small and large account management, and proven leadership and mentoring experience to meet the scope of the position. The incumbent must possess sound business judgment and be able to constantly analyze and enhance daily activities and action plans to maximize sales results. Advanced computer skills are required to analyze sales data and customize presentations and training tools. The incumbent must possess strong selling/negotiation skills, communication skills (oral and written) , and diplomacy to effectively lead and mentor as well as motivate direct reports, maintain a productive business relationship with accounts and influence internal management (Sales Administration , Marketing, Finance, and Customer Service). This position also requires strong sales planning and organizational skills plus the ability to conceptualize, evaluate, and interpret results of actions taken and create counter measures and enhanced action plans for themselves and others that they supervise. Knowledge of all federal regulations governing pricing and fair trade is essential.









Working under broadly defined objectives, policies, procedures and business plans, the incumbent is confronted with varied situations requiring strong evaluative, interpretive, creative, negotiating and interpersonal skills. The ability to identify, analyze, interpret and react to changing sales and industry trends is critical in order to ensure optimal sales and customer satisfaction within the assigned geographical region. Effective utilization of time, dollar, analytical data, and people resources is essential to maximize business gains in the Company’s position in the market place. Establishing reasonable and appropriate sales strategies, objectives, and communicating and mentoring on these are necessary to ensure sales budget accomplishment for the incumbent’s assigned area.




The Regional Manager is accountable for generating maximum sales volume of the Company’s product lines within the assigned geographic area and assigned team, as well as developing and maintaining viable working relationships with assigned dealers and large key accounts/practices. Given the national scope of some major accounts, the Manager’s ability to directly influence decisions effecting national sales based on decisions made can impact results beyond the limits of geography and assigned personnel and accounts. Implementation and achievement of sales goals and objectives rests with the incumbent. The Regional Manager is also accountable for the training, development and proper utilization of assigned employees to achieve these objectives as well as the most effective use of their time and dollar resources. The incumbent’s activities directly impact sales volume and the Company’s image and position in the market place both on a short term and long-term basis.