Junior Talent Agent

Junior Agent

Think “Tom Cruise” in the movie Jerry Maguire  “Show me the Money” but you will not be representing sports figures…but Book Authors, Business Leaders and Academic Celebrities on the Speaking/Convention  Circuit….this job is about as cool as it gets!

Represent top intellectual talent—e.g. Ivy League business professors, C-suite executives, best-selling authors—for speaking, publishing and advisory work, and we are looking for a career-minded professional to join our team. Depending on level of experience and potential, the candidate will join as a junior agent or train towards becoming a junior agent. Because the position will require pitching our clients’ services and ideas to potential customers in writing or on the phone, sales, public relations and marketing skills are essential, as well as stellar oral and written communications skills. Our clients trust us to keep them ahead of the curve, so the applicant should be in tune with current affairs & trends and have his/her finger on the pulse of the business world. Experience with contract drafting and communicating with professors or executives is also helpful.


  • Ideal candidates have a college degree and 1+ years experience working in a business setting; previous agency experience a plus, but not required
  • Ability to sell ideas with passion, and  present work in a clear, compelling manner
  • Stellar verbal and written communications skills
  • Capacity to process and incorporate client feedback, demonstrate strong client relationship building and customer service skills
  • Ability to translate how current events impact customer needs
  • Have a strong sense of urgency and responsibility, be self-motivated, independent, results-oriented, detail-oriented, adept at multitasking effectively and reprioritizing as required
  • Willing and able to learn new information at a constant, rapid pace and work well under pressure
  •  Must exhibit understanding of worldly themes; be curious, proactive and flexible in accommodating change; work effectively with different personalities and a hard working team of associates; exhibit good judgment.

Resumes Forward to: larson@jobsbl.com