Your Suggestions to Staying Motivated During and Extended Job Search

We at Berman Larson Kane ( thank you for attending our recent job-seeker webinar…below are your suggestions & tips. 

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Thanks for sharing your experience below:

  “Have one lunch per week with a person in your network.  You always feel energized afterwards, since there is always an information  exchange.” “Do something that you know will generate a response for sure and that helps maintain your confidence.” “Join a job search group; if you can, join a career counseling group; keep a record of your job search activities and your follow ups.” “Use time to reinvent your appearance so you feel better about yourself for an interview…new hair cut, lose weight, workout, “how do I look” evening with friends and family.” “Go to lunch with someone in your profession each week, it keeps you in touch with the industry and make you feel a part of it.” “Read scripture to let you know you are not alone and things will be all right 


“Prayer Personal growth and motivation CD’s/DVD’s Education – work on certifications/staying current
Career support groups Avoid pity parties”


 “I’ve only been out for a few weeks – and, yes, already “doing errands” [grin]. But also, I get up early, sit down and work the search hard until 12-1pm, at which point I shift gears, do those errands, and, as a reward, prep a good dinner for the family as “House Dad” (not only am I a better, enthusiastic and more varied cook than my at-work wife, but it’s a lot cheaper to eat home cooking, something we don’t do often enough when both of us are working).” “Exercise is certainly a motivator, antidepressant, and rejuvenator.  I also find going to industry events, not networking groups, is a great way of keeping up on your field, finding new contacts, and simply getting out and doing some productive socializing.  It is both a reward and an element of your search.  Often the events, particularly trade shows are free.  If they are not, mentioning you are in transition usually leads to a substantial registration discount.” “Talk to people and cheer them on—it’s reciprocated.” “If I find a new contact, job posting or just a good piece of advice that I think would be of interest to one of my own contacts/fellow job seekers, I send it along.  I like to think that paying it forward might reap some rewards down the road for my own job search.” “Fortunately I have my health and with that, anything is possible. 
Who, beside myself, will I be letting down if I quit the process?
So many people are worse off than me; I can’t feel sorry for myself.”
“Stay positive and continue to believe in yourself and your abilities.”  “Reward yourself during your job search by staying in touch with friends and family – especially uplifting ones!”“Get fresh air and some kind of exercise daily.”   “I remind myself that many super successful people and ideas were rejected many times before success.”  “Several record company executives who turned down the Beatles for a contract.””Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was rejected by 122 publishers, but sold over 4 million copies.” The “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series was rejected 140 times. ”James Joyce’s “Dubliners” (probably the best short story collection ever written) was rejected 22 times.”  “Have a salesman attitude… never give up and learn to deal with rejection since that’s what occurs the vast majority of the time.” “Get 1 to 3 people (family, friends, coworkers, etc.) who will always support you, motivate you, listen to you and have your back.” “Always search for new approaches and techniques… continuous process improvement.” “Reminding myself (whether it be at the start of the week, each morning, or after a set-back) that making the first call, networking contact or follow-up is the toughest.  Once started, it becomes easier.” “Set your alarm, get up groom, dress as you would for a business casual day (no pjs, lounge wear, day camping clothing), take a little time to eat and review your plan for the day.  Then, down to work (job hunt as if it were your job).” “Read the Bible Networking in church. Requesting pray in pray groups” “Plan your weekly menu on the weekend and shop once, I find that my ‘errands’ often involve several trips to the store for an item or two here or there, which clearly is a huge time waster.” “I work at looking for a job no more then 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. I plan other activities.” “I find it easier to do the necessary job search activities (networking, etc.) once I accept the fact that this is a job I HAVE to DO—not necessarily one I have to ENJOY (swallowing the frog?).” “Stopped listening to and spending time with negative people.” “I try to remain accountable to a group of friends that are also looking for work.  We compete to see who has worked harder in the past week.” “Do something constructive or entertaining that you don’t have a chance to do while your working.” “Be sure your expectations are realistic in the current market. I.e. salary.   If you set your expectations too high, you will be discouraged.” “Think about all the marketable skills you have and the hard work you put into your education.” “Attend local chamber of commerce and rotary functions in the areas where you want to work.  Make sure you look for the contacts from your targeted companies.” “I listen to tapes, read and pray every day.” “Take a break to clear your mind.  Take a walk, do some gardening or something you enjoy to take you mind off things, then get back to the job of finding a job.”  “Go to Yoga classes to get exercise, reduce stress, and stay focused.” “Set up workspace away from daily household routine.” “Definitely recognize that it’s the recession and economy and not you that is causing the lack of jobs.” “Prayer & praise”  “Make to-do list every evening for the next day and update tasks to be completed by Friday.  Check off tasks so you feel your progress.” “I’m new to job searching, so its motivating to hear others speak highly of me.”  “You briefly touched on it, but did not go into take advantage of the Stimulus package and the free schooling to get certifications and making yourself better in your field.  Now as that does not help with the immediate search, it will make you a stronger candidate.  In my cover letter I place which certifications I am headed towards.” “Going to networking meetings. Get out of the house periodically.” “I agree with the others that exercise is a great way to stay positive.  It keeps you at your best mentally and physically.  Also staying in a work routine – I make sure I get up and dressed as if I’m going to work – don’t sleep in – I put on work cloths and do my hair and makeup.” “Always ask, “what went well today” and keeping the faith that this is temporary and it only takes “one” hit to win the job.” “I agree with the statement about keeping a regular schedule.  It helps me to review what I have already done as well as plan for the future.  These items can include follow up phone calls, researching a company or applying for another position from my networking activities.” “I read saint & angels oracle cards daily” “Try to stay very busy.”