Yesterday’s Employment Numbers

Unemployment took a big jump in this last report. New Jersey job creation numbers were very weak. We here at BLK ( are experiencing our best December in the last five years and perhaps the best in a decade.

So the paradox continues either our staffing programs are so good that we are increasing our job placement numbers in a declining market or the NJ DOL continues to miscalculate the Unemployment rate.

My ego and feeling are also in conflict on which is right. My ego wishes that the DOL numbers are correct and our BLK superior services are increasing market share in a declining market demonstrating again what a competent team of staffing professionals we employ. But the human/feeling side of me roots for the NJ DOL to be wrong so those that want to work can find work and that their sample remains statistically incorrect.

As we approach yearend with the excitement of the holidays and new year on the horizon, I continue to wish for full employment. So all who wish to work can and for a fair livable wage. May the employment Gods be with you all…..and I will always remember that the difference between recession and depression. In a recession your neighbor is unemployed in a depression you are unemployed. May we all experience nothing more severe than a short recession in 2006.