Where Have All the Programmers Gone?

And who will write tomorrows programs and administer tomorrow’s computer needs? Today’s NY Times reported that 1 in 75 students planned to major in computer science today, compared with 1 in 30 in the year 2000.

Why such a drop off in a career that the department of labor defines as one of the most rapidly growing fields during the next decade. How are we going to staff our corporate data centers if such a reduced number are planning to enter the profession. We at Berman Larson Kane (https://www.jobsbl.com) have been staffing data centers and software developers for 25 plus years. The field has experience some severe recent declines after Y2K (non-event), the dot.com (bubble burst) & 911 (effects on employment). But the outlook today is that more IT professionals are employed in the field then during the height of the dot.com explosion. So what is going on? Why are so few entering the field?
I am very interested in hearing from any students or future students why they are passing on this wonderful fulfilling profession. Is it the dollars? Job prospects? Quality of Work? Software Developers type-casting? Looking forward to your responses. If you would like to respond in confidence my email address is larson@jobsbl.com