The Real Job Growth Rate

With the announcement on Friday that the US economy has created about 121,000 jobs during the month of June and that unemployment rate has remained unmoved.

We here at Berman Larson Kane ( are experiencing a rate of new orders, search assignments and contractor assignments that would confirm that this rate is close to reality. This is unusual since as you can see from prior postings we are usually either experiencing a more rapid rate of growth or slower than the government reports. However, I must say I was freaked by the ADP prediction of 345,000 new jobs…. since a high number like this would of put us here at Berman Larson Kane way behind the curve in our sales forecasts.

As for the mix of jobs and skills hiring our human resource staffing has increased both on the contract and direct hire sides, information technology continues to increase off the lows of prior years…with a return to all types of hiring including developers in the web arena…..a skill shortage remains in the accounting and finance area with competition for 1-5 year talent continuing to heat up…..other areas such as office support remain steady.

As for the remainder of the year…..we at Berman Larson Kane continue to be optimistic about job prospects as our clients continue to add back to staffing levels not seen for several years. May the placement gods be with you….