The Perfect Match “1 for 2″ Hires

For the past several years many employer have staffed open positions with hybrids or candidates that have the skill set of two jobs. Sort
of a “1” hire  to met “2” open jobs philosophy.  We on the staffing side were more that happy to have the order to work and did everything in our power to discover the “1 for 2” talent.  And because of the large talented labor pool were often able to service  clients’ unique needs.

Well the professional business job market is moving rapidly towards normal and single skill shortages are surfacing especially in subsets of the
information technology market.  However the thinking of many employers continues in  “1 for 2” mindset.

We at Berman Larson Kane ( are witnessing a surge in IT hiring especially in Texas and Massachusetts.  Clients that are not prepared to accelerate the hiring process are losing valuable  talent to competitors.  The competition in this
space across the entire country continues to heat-up and at some point in the near future might return to Y2K and Dotcom urgency levels.

So the bottom line if you are an employer your best hire might be a “1 for 1” with a good cultural and personality match with quick
learner potential.

As president of Berman Larson Kane I thank all of you for your business and support.  I assure you we will do everything in the discover process to isolate the best talent the market has to offer for your open requisitions. Reminder we service direct hire, temp to direct and contract staffing
for 32 years at competitive  market rates.