Taking the Fear Out of Cold Calling for Employment

Thank you to all of those that participated in our webinar.  We at Berman Larson Kane www.jobsbl.com hope one small tip will assist you in securing new employment.  If you would like to view this webinar, rebroadcast are available for free on our website.

Testimonials from
Taking the Fear out of Cold Calling

“Thank you for the information you shared during the webinar. Very helpful! I look forward to future webinars you may offer that might assist me with my job search.”

“Great seminar!Thank you!”

“Good material, good presentation.”

“Very informative. I am more motivated to overcome my FEAR of Cold calling.”

“Thank you. Webinar validated my fears AND my methods. One surprise: 40 calls per week! Wow, will get on that one quickly.

“Nice presentation on a difficult topic.”

“Excellent ideas. Thank you for saying it’s OK to be a pest. Very helpful.”

“Thank you for offering this and your other webinars. Cold calling is tough for me. I think you really hit the nail on the head as to many of the reasons why I find it so difficult. I mostly have a hard time getting over feeling like I’m being a pest. You made a lot of thoughtful, helpful points, but I’m not sure I’m going to find this any easier to do. However, I’m going to reread my notes for some sparks of inspiration, and take a stab at making some calls. Thanks again.”

“Great presentation, Bob. I am one who has great fear of the warm calling — contacting people I haven’t kept in touch with for YEARS. Your suggestions are very helpful. Thanks for all you do to help those of us looking for our next provessional opportunity. (H. Treddin-Denville, NJ)”

“I am very glad that I joined the webinar, it was very informative and cold calling topic was really interesting. I learned and convinced to overcome my fear. Thank you for providing detail information about cold calling and warm calling with samples.”

“exceptional job … thank you for taking the time to present this material”

“I thought it was very helpful and hopefully now that I know step by step on how to go about what I include in my messages, It will make it that much easier to call.”

“Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t really thought about snail mail in some time but that may actually be a great “”in”” with a potential hiring manager.”

“As Bob mentioned, it’s not any easy thing to do & not my favorite topic. He had some good suggestions for making the calls easier to stomach.”

“I thought that BLK was spot on about the various fears involved with calling out. After an extended transition, one could get into a funk or lull and think that it isn’t worth it, but it really is, and I know personally, that is what I need to do. Like was said in the webinar, it only takes one win / hit !! Thanks for the push.”

“Loved the practicality of the Webinar. It was quick, helpful and the technology worked perfectly (always a plus with these things). Thanks, Bob!”

“Great information! I will start doing mor cold calls starting today!”

“Very interesting. The content was right on in identifying many of the concerns that I have about cold calling. Despite the assurances, though, I am still a little hesitant about doing them–I have received such calls in the past and have not found them much fun to deal with. However, given my lack of employment, perhaps I just need to press on.”

“Thank you for your generous advice and time, it is much appreciated. I feel armed with more incentive for making many more calls than I’ve made, and even some reason to think I did a few things right. Now I’d like to better learn how to use LinkedIn and other social networking sites to target to whom to introduce myself. Expanding my network when I feel I’ve exhausted my warm calls is something I’d like a script for.”

“Excellent presentation, well thought out and efficiently presented. Very energizing! Gotta get on the phone…”

“I decided to take the Cold Calling Webinar because the idea of cold calls makes me cringe. My job search is two weeks old and I was given the services of The Five O’Clock Club in my outplacement. The Webinar was very informative and I must admit I have heard many of these points before. The difference is that Bob Larson has a style of speaking that gets the point across and does it in such a way that it feels like a comfortable conversation with someone you know. He instills confidence in the listener.”

“Bob,An EXCELLENT session . . . Once again the content, delivery and your wealth of experience provided valuable and most appreciated information. Thank you and your staff as well for providing same.”

“Great approach – Bob realizes that to get folks to cold call you need to alleviate or eliminate the apprehension about doing this. His tips are clean and concise, much like your message needs to be.”

“Well done. I half-expected the program to be a thinly-veiled pitch for recruiting services, but indeed found it to be very helpful. As a result, I will look earnestly for more programs and services from your firm.”

“Terrific content provided in an upbeat manner. It did acknowledge the difficulty in following this advice and admitted it is hard – so that was realistic. The time frame (30 minutes) and cost (free) make it a wonderful value. Thanks.”

“nice webinar! Thanks for the cold calling and warm tips, it will help in landing a job.”

“Quite good, and not too long. This may actually make me resove to do some calling.”

“Upbeat and inspirational…gave me a set of tactics that I wasn’t using. Appreciate the time and effort in providing this.”

“This was an excellent webinar. Very concise. I feel like I learned a lot. I have a better understanding how important cold calling is. I will commit to developing a strategy for adding cold calling to my search efforts. Thanks for hosting this program.”

“I can finally adjust my thinking about this topic and start working towards a goal of approving my job search.Thank you”

“Thank you for a Great Presentation.The examples of reducing your phone bill by using Skype and how the significance of staying in touch like EC the EE can generate results were brilliant. Keep up the Good Work!!”

“Excellent presentation! I concede that I ‘m part of the 90% not presently using cold calling as part of my job search. However, I have used the warm calling aspect as a follow-up technique to a resume submittance trying to establish a deeper working relationship with the recruiting firm or client.”