IT Auditor Bergen County NJ


Our Client is seeking an individual interested in becoming a Senior Information Technology Auditor in the Audit Department at Corporate Headquarters.  To qualify for this position you should have:

1)            A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or Information Technology.

2)            One or more of the following certifications:

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control (CRISC)

3)            A minimum of 10 years of progressive experience in the areas of operational, financial, information technology, business audit, internal control assessments, and or FDICIA/Sarbanes-Oxley 404 evaluation and testing.

4)            Proficiency in computer operating systems, FISERV financial applications, general office, electronic workpapers, technical GRC audits and data extraction and interrogation.

5)            Minimum of 4 years supervisory and management experience with accountability for staff performance and delivery.



Location: Bergen County

SUMMARY: Supports the mission, vision and values by providing independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve s operations.  The Information Technology Auditor helps accomplish our objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.


  1. Performs IT audit, supervises staff where applicable, and reviews work papers with scopes including:

Information Security and Management Controls (Information Security; Governance and GLBA; Operations)

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment; Business Continuity Planning; Risk Monitoring and Testing; Test Planning; Testing Strategies; Board and Senior Management Oversight; Encryption)

Physical Security and Control over the Environment (User Equipment Security; Physical Security; Environmental Controls and Monitoring)

Logical Access

Internet Banking (Board and Management Oversight; Risk Management; Information Security; Administrative Oversight and Monitoring)

Mobile Banking (Mobile Banking Policies and Procedures; Risk Management; Information Security Controls; Mobile Banking Vendor Reviews; Monitoring; Mobile Deposit Capture)

Cyber Security

Model Validations where applicable

Monitors audits to determine if significant IT projects are on time, within budget and in compliance with relevant methodologies.

  1. Assists the Chief Internal Auditor in the design, scheduling and execution of the risk-based Annual Audit Plan. Ensures overall quality, consistency, risk management and adherence to department and professional standards, particularly the International Professional Practices Framework as articulated by the Institute of Internal auditors. Evaluates, review results, synthesizes findings, drafts special reports and coordinates with appropriate business and compliance teams to follow up on the status of management actions.
  2. Develops and maintains productive client, staff, management and executive relationships through individual contacts and group meetings. Is a key influencer of operational efficiency and well controlled change management.
  3. Plans and executes audits of network security and new IT systems and applications

Administer and execute FDICIA / COSO  project management, including executing:

Cyclical FDICIA / COSO  reviews

Scheduled Roll forward

Remediation efforts

Quarter end reporting.

  1. Serves as a mentor in coaching staff on the evaluation of the design and effectiveness of internal process and financial controls.
  2. Develops, monitors, and modifies Audit Programs and tools to ensure that procedures are current, efficient, effective and reflective of current business conditions and risk trends.
  3. Performs additional special projects (investigations, risk assessments, etc.) as directed by the Chief Internal Auditor.
  4. Extracts data using specialized audit software to support operational audits.
  5. Performs quality assurance reviews on audit reports for peers and assigned staff.
  6. Supports external auditors and regulators in the conduct and completion of examinations. Performs other job related duties as assigned.

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Linux Sys Admin (4 Days On 4 Days Off) Amazing Benefits

Unique Four Day Work Week


  • Excellent diagnostic abilities and problem solving skills
  • A self starter – you take initiative and you follow through
  • A solid understanding of server hardware, LAN networking and Linux services
  • Virtualization experience is a must – we do a lot of cool cloud stuff
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients via phone and e-mail
  • The ability to help people to solve complex technical problems while being courteous, professional, and determined
  • The understanding that a client’s perception of the quality of service we provide IS the quality of service we provide
  • The ability to work well with a team
  • The inherent desire to fix things permanently

Desired Experience includes the following:

  • Experience with RHEL 5/6 including its installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • Familiarity with web services (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat), relational databases (MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle), e-mail servers (Qmail, Postfix), backups, system analysis and performance tuning.
  • Shell scripting ability at a minimum, traditional programming language experience is a plus.
  • A solid understanding of networking communication protocols, and familiarity with DNS, load balancers, VPNs, and firewalls.
  • Experience with high availability environments such as database architectures using methods such as mirroring, replication or clusters (DRBD, RHCS).
  • Knowledge of NAS and SAN technology; EMC experience a plus.
  • VMware vSphere and Xen knowledge is helpful.
  • Red Hat, LPIC, or VMware certifications.

Client service  interaction is generally handled via telephone, occasional video conferencing, and through our ticketing system. Most of our clients are experienced developers who run sophisticated environments.  The job does not involve helping people open Word documents or locate the Start button.

This is not an entry level position; you’ll need to demonstrate skills that that allow you to troubleshoot advanced system problems quickly and efficiently. The Linux Systems Administrator is primarily responsible for run-time maintenance, helping our clients through times of difficulty with their networked, cloud-based environments.  Opportunities also exist to work on projects – both internal and client facing – such as migrations, product and environment design.


Outstanding benefits package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401(k) plan with a generous company match, department and individual training budgets, bottomless coffee, cappuccino, and snacks, company provided lunch EVERY Wednesday, and bagels EVERY Friday! We are an equal opportunity employer, and we embrace cultural diversity.

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Maintenance and Manufacturing Technician

Maintenance and Manufacturing Technician

Essential Job Function: Shift work. Maintain all Client facility and process equipment. Use industry accepted best practices for electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical standards. 

General Information: Experience in maintenance, specifically troubleshooting, repair and calibration practices of equipment and instruments, specifically PLC’S, HVAC, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, motors and frequency drives, NFPA, NEC, NEMA, cGMPs, boilers and air compressors. Also must possess and be willing to be”hands on”.  Stainless Steel welding experience preferred. Black Seal In-Charge Boiler License required or willing to attain.


This position is classified as a “safety sensitive” position and is subject to random drug testing.


  1.  Perform scheduled P.M.’s on equipment and record all necessary data as required and in accordance with Client SOP’s.
  2.  Perform necessary repairs to equipment and physical plant as required in a safe and workmanlike manner.
  3.  Establish and maintain a thorough understanding of the design, proper operation and maintenance of Client’s process and environmental HVAC’s systems.
  4.  Provide expertise in troubleshooting and repairing all Client’s process boilers – both High and Low Pressure.
  5.  Build crating and prep equipment for shipment.
  6.  Assist as needed in rebuild efforts for the Customer Returns Program.
  7.  Support Field Service personnel on occasion, as needed.
  8.  Assist in installation and retrofit of facilities equipment in accordance with applicable codes.
  9.  Keep Maintenance Manager informed on all developments on a routine basis.
  10.  Complete pre-sale checkouts of ancillary equipment as required by Sales Division.
  11.  Perform pre and post rental checkouts
  12.  Develop and encourage good interpersonal working relationships among Facilities staff and with other customer departments.
  13.  Complete required paperwork and documentation accurately and in a timely manner.
  14.  Follow Client SOP’s regarding cGMPs and procedures as required.
  15.  Maintain an organized and clean work space at all times.
  16.  Other tasks as assigned by the Department Manager and Lead Maintenance and Manufacturing Specialist.
  17.  Diagnose and repair problems on HVAC equipment. Write and execute Preventive Maintenance for HVAC equipment.
  18.  Order parts when needed.
  19.  Work additional hours to complete repairs to accommodate business needs.
  20.  Work schedule may vary to accommodate manufacturing/processing functions (weekends/shifts).
  21.  Travel to other facilities maintained by company for repairs and/or troubleshooting.
  22.  Follow all approved safety practices (i.e. confined space, etc.).
  23.  Repair any electro-mechanical function as needed.
  24.  Troubleshoot/repair any and all  equipment from small scale to large scale.

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Channels Manager EMEA

 Experience: Manager/Supervisor


Job Description:

The Channels Manager is responsible for recruiting, developing, and managing channel partners, including referral, reseller and white label partners.   The position is responsible for maximizing Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) as well as building strong, lasting relationships with the partners.   This position also requires an enthusiastic personality with good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, strong sales and management skills, and a solid understanding of the market and technology.


  • Proactively recruits new qualifying partners.
  • Establishes productive, professional relationships with key personnel in assigned partner accounts.
  • Proactively leads joint partner planning process and develops mutual performance objectives, financial targets and critical milestones associated with productive partner relationship.
  • Meets assigned targets for profitable sales volume and strategic objectives in both North America and EMEA territories.
  • Proactively assesses, clarifies and validates partner performance and needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Plans joint marketing activities to foster new sales opportunities.
  • Manages potential channel conflict with other sales channels by fostering excellent communication internally and externally through adherence to channel rules of engagement.
  • Champion solution development efforts with channel partners that best address end-user needs.
  • Lead and mentor the Channels Management team.
  • Successfully build and manage a EMEA sales channel.
  • Ensures compliance with partner agreements.
  • Drives adoption of company programs among assigned partners.
  • Coordinates the involvement of company personnel, including product, marketing, training and support in order to meet partner performance objectives and partners’ expectations.

Job qualifications:

  • 3-5 years leading a channels sales organization preferably in a software, networking, or hosting company.
  • Demonstrated success recruiting and selling through channels partners.
  • Experience building a successful international sales channel.
  • Domain knowledge and first-hand experience in hosting, cloud, and infrastructure technology with ability to assess opportunities; develop insightful recommendations and work cross-functionally to drive business development.
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills with the ability to create an environment of trust and mutual respect with partners and employees.
  • Self-directed and motivated to accomplish tasks, meet objectives and committed timelines; ability to consistently deliver on commitments, and assume responsibility for results.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with the ability to clearly and concisely articulate issues with customers and employees.
  • Proven ability to lead and motivate a sales/channels team.
  • Willing to take a hands-on, roll-up-your sleeves approach to the position
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities in fast-paced environment with flawless execution; working collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong analytical skills, with keen approach to problem-solving.

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Coping With Cubicles

President,  Berman Larson Kane
President, Berman Larson Kane

For many otherwise happy workers, the cubicle can be one of the most annoying aspects of the modern work life. Although cubicles give the illusion of privacy, anyone who has worked in one knows that those small walls are easily penetrated by neighbors’ incessant sounds and conversations. And not only is a lack of cube etiquette a problem, but spending most of your workday sitting in a cubicle can make you feel like your muscles have seeped into your ergonomic chair.

According to an MSN Careers article on cubicles by Susan Bryant, anyone who has resided in Cubeland knows how difficult it is to work while trying to block out coworkers’ conversations. For example, Mary Rasher, a photo editor and cube dweller for the past 10 years, said “there is always someone who doesn’t quite get that if he can hear me, I can hear him. I am forever overhearing domestic tiffs, weird bodily functions, etc. I’ve been reduced to wearing earplugs so I can concentrate. Even then, someone’s voice manages to cut through the foam.”

These complaints are common, said Hilka Klinkenberg, founder of Etiquette International, a firm specializing in business etiquette. Consequently, Klinkenberg feels that professional etiquette in a cube environment must be elevated to a higher standard than in a traditional office because of workers’ close proximity. To help make your office more cube-friendly, she offered the following guidelines:

  • Give your cube mates a sense of control over their space
    When visiting someone’s cube, knock on the walls (even if this is only symbolic on a foam wall) before saying hello. Ask permission to enter someone’s cube, instead of barging in.
  • Don’t loiter in hallways
    Your conversations freefloat among people trying to make phone calls, read or write important documents, and concentrate on their work.
  • Realize that odors know no boundaries
    Your lunch, although appetizing to you, may make someone else’s stomach turn. If you eat at your desk, take your trash out promptly.
  • Be more aware of what you are saying and how loudly you are saying it
    Assume everyone within a four-cube radius can hear you. If you need to discuss a sensitive matter discreetly, try to find an empty office or private area.

Another common complaint among cube dwellers is the feeling they are getting “cube body.” What kind of effect does long-term sitting have on you? Mary Ann Paviledes, a registered nurse and massage therapist, said in the article that her clients who sit for an extended period of time often have experienced these physical repercussions:

  • Lower-back strain due to poor posture from being seated too long
  • Upper-back strain from scrunching your neck and shoulder together while talking on the phone
  • Muscle tightness in the chest area from leaning into a desk to type on a computer
  • Sluggish circulation in legs from prolonged inactivity

Fortunately, combating these problems is easy. Pavlides recommended the following exercises for relief:

  • Get up and walk every half hour. This keeps your circulation going, gives your eyes a break from your monitor and lets your whole body move.
  • Stretch your arms back over your head and arch your body into a “C.” This helps reverse the hunched-over posture you may sit in.
  • Stand up and roll back and forth in your heels and toes. This stretches leg muscles that cramp from too much sitting.
  • Find a doorway and place your forearms against the frame. Lean into the doorway and stretch your muscles. Don’t hold this position too long, though, or you might strain yourself.

Also, make sure you have an ergonomic chair with armrests you can raise and lower to get the right fit, and your desk or table should also be adjusted to a comfortable level.

Even if your cube mates are a bunch of annoying Neanderthals, and your boss thinks ergonomic chairs are for wimps, cube nirvana is still possible. Angela Houlton, a communications administrator and resident of cubeland for 11 years, maintains that cube happiness requires a “bloom where you’re planted” philosophy.

“I keep a lot of framed photographs on my desk and favorite places I’ve visited,” she said in the article. “I also am referred to as the ‘Plant Lady’ because of all the greenery at my desk. I’m even considering a small Persian-type rug to place at the entrance of my cube to cozy things up a bit. The way I see it is, if you have to live in a cube, you might as well make it comfortable.”

Field Support Engineer

Title Field Support Engineer
City Gurnee
State IL
Description Summary: Plans and coordinates activities concerned with installing instrumentation, investigating and resolving customer reports of problems with instruments, and minimize future operational or service difficulties by performing the following duties.

Job Duties:
*Installs instruments at customer’s facility, sales demos, product shows, etc, to ensure full functionality according to  specifications.
*Analyzes, reviews, and inspects findings to determine source of problem, and performs troubleshooting, repair, replacement, or other corrective action.
*Documents and records information to be included in the repair records in accordance with company policies and regulatory agencies.
*Adheres to all company policies and procedures.
*Timely completion of TSB’s and preventative maintenance procedures.
*Demonstrates proper operation to end users.
*Coordinates problem resolution within Field Support Group & other personnel to expedite repairs, including timely escalation.
*Provides a communication link between the customer and the company to help ensure that effective service is provided to the customer.
*Responsible for effective management of company resources.
*Conducts basic on-site in-service training of proper operation of company instrumentation.
*Provides application assistance/troubleshooting as required.
Supports Sales and Marketing departments.

*Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner
*Manages difficult or emotional customer situations
*Strong PC skills, including knowledge of database & internet software; Windows NT, XP and DOS

Education & Requirements:
*High School diploma or general education degree (GED) required with minimum 3 years related experience troubleshooting and repairing diagnostic equipment with field experience required; or
Associate’s degree or equivalent from two-year college or a certificate from a Technical/Military School in a related field;
Bachelor’s degree in related field from four-year college or university preferred.
*Valid driver’s license
*Ability to travel outside of designated territory, if needed. Up to 50% overnight travel dependent upon territory. Occasional weekend/holiday on-call coverage for the region.

FSE should live near the Gurnee IL area.

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Sales Manager Start-up Build-UP Drive

Sales Manager


Location: Lehigh County, PA

Type: Full Time    Min. Experience: Manager/Supervisor


About the position:

We are looking for a sales manager to lead both our sales and business development teams totaling 6 people.  The successful candidate will come to us from a Cloud Hosting provider, an Internet Services Provider, Systems Integrator, a SaaS business or other company in the technology/Internet space.  Technical sales experience and sales management success are keys to this role, so a track record of closing multi-million dollar, long term accounts would be expected.  We have an established, successful sales process and a strong team that we are looking to build upon. The candidate should feel most comfortable with a consultative sales approach and solution selling.  This is a new position, created because of our exciting growth. We are also looking for a candidate who has worked in a small or start-up company, and understands the strategy of selling to large companies against large, established competitors.



  • Hire and train Salespeople/Business Development people
  • Conduct weekly Pipeline reviews with Sales team
  • Conduct weekly activity and planning reviews with Business Development people
  • Attend sales calls and provide coaching to salespeople
  • Review selling strategy on deals and help salespeople make adjustments where necessary
  • Keep sales processes up to date
  • Manage BD people to lead generation quota
  • Manage salespeople to sales quota
  • Assist in closing sales deals



  • Three to five years of experience in a Sales management or leadership role in the technology/Internet industry
  • Experience managing teams that both close deals and do lead generation
  • Verifiable track record of success

About our Client :

  • A leading managed hosting and cloud provider, delivers secure, high performance and reliable hosting for businesses worldwide. Expertly provides compliant solutions for e-Commerce, Healthcare, Financial Services, SaaS and more. With domestic and international data centers, has the global reach to support even the most complex hosting environments. Company is PCI, SSAE 16/SOC 1, SOC 2/3, ISAE 3402 and Safe Harbor compliant and provides HIPAA guidance and assurances.


The small but incredibility important print:

Client offers an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401(k) plan with a generous company match, department and individual training budgets, bottomless coffee, cappuccino, and snacks, company provided lunch once a week and  bagels EVERY Friday! We are an equal opportunity employer and we embrace cultural diversity.


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Gray is the New Best Hire

Gray is Good at Some Companies

Traditionally, many employers have viewed older workers as inflexible, less productive than their younger colleagues, and more expensive because of higher salaries and health-care costs. When hard times force layoffs, older workers have often been the first to get the ax. But now, according to an article gray is good at some companies which are taking concrete steps to retain older workers.

In the process, these companies are rooting out age bias and setting up complex flexible work arrangements tailored to meet older workers’ needs. They are also seeking out older workers and retirees with needed skills.

For employers, the writing on the wall is hard to miss, the article pointed out. Workers 55 and older are growing four times faster than the work force as a whole. This age group accounts for more than 20 percent of the labor force, up from less than 16 percent in 2006, Bureau of Labor Statistics show. In the same period, people in the prime working years, ages 25 to 44, will shrink to 43 percent of the work force from 46 percent now.

Some companies are recognizing that older workers are repositories of hard-to replace knowledge critical to their businesses. For example, as workers retire, he said, companies worry about losing relationships with long-time suppliers and distributors.

In addition, as the work force ages, so do customers, who often prefer to deal with older workers. At Home Depot, older employees serve as a powerful draw to baby-boomer shoppers by mirroring their knowledge and perspective, said Dennis Donovan, executive vice president, human resources, for the retailer. Similarly a big Australian financial services concern, recruited over-45 workers as financial planners, among other roles. Older clients, a spokeswoman said, prefer advisers with experience.

The new attitudes come as age-discrimination complaints are falling, the article noted. Although some serious cases do remain, preliminary Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data show age-discrimination complaints to the commission decreased.

Other companies are encouraging older workers to continue part-time, offering up to three months’ unpaid time for vacation during the winter months, and making phased retirement more broadly available–allowing workers to slowly shift out of the work force and cut their hours for awhile before retiring, according to the article.



HR Admin

We  have an immediate need for a HR Admin with the following Skills

ADP Virtual Edge (“VE”)  

Position will focus on the HR Admin Tasks

  • processing interview schedules
  •  background screens
  • offers
  •  on-boarding
  •  job postings
  •  VE desired but other HRIS experience considered.
  •  Direct candidate contact  experience a desired

This temporary assignment is with a premier employer

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