Summer’s Heating Job Market

Yesterday was the first day of summer. Telling signs of the season are warmth and relaxation. Cool drinks, barbecues, vacations, sandals and shore visits are the signatures of summers in the NY/NJ region. But as the pavement heats up will the job market pick up or will a chilling thunderstorm symbolize this summer job market?

Here at BLK ( our leading indicators turned down sharply during the beginning of May and we experienced a slow down of new hires from mid-May until this week. It is just during the past 5 business days have we seen these leading indicators reverse and begin to rise in synch with the rising mercury.

So my predictions are for a strong summer of hiring with just enough rainy days to keep the flowers from weltering. The Bergen Record article recently published (6/14/05) a survey that reported 47% of Bergen County companies are planning to increase staff during the 3rd quarter with only 9% planning on downsizing. These figures are very positive compared to the New Jersey statewide results reporting only 23% planning on increasing hiring during this period. As for the United States 31% are planning on adding to staff during Q3.

Skills that we at BLK ( see rising faster than the temperature are: Java Developers, Network Security, Cost Accountants, Tax Accountants, Recruiters, MY/SQL, PHP & C# developers, & Compensation Analyst.

So if you are a job seeker remain aggressive in your search. Even if its from your cell phone on the beach. And for the employers these numbers point to a heating up of the talent war for the best and the brightest. All in all it should make for a hot, stormy, sizzling season.