Stormy Weather & Sunny Weather “Free Services”

The last week we have seen the “sun” on a number of occasions and have also experience some pretty violent turbulent weather but mostly just high humidity and overcast skies.  This same scenario seems to also apply to the job market.


We (  have seen most of our clients continuing to experience turbulent economic times with new hiring being put on hold until the weather clears.  But at least it seems the shedding of jobs has either stop or slowed down substantially.  We have seen a few clients begin to focus on adding temporary employees to their staff as they await the confidence to hire fulltime.   A few of our clients continue to add sales staff as they are anticipating pended up demand for services and products as many of their competitors become weaker or discontinue business. 


My observations are that many companies are so prepared for the violent weather to return that they are not focused on the 4th quarter recovery horizon.  We at Berman Larson Kane are working on increasing our talent inventories/pools in anticipation of accommodating this future rush.


As we continue to struggle for new business; we have taken action by right sizing our internal staff, renovating our office complex and adjusting our product mix to better serve our clients needs.  The staffing industry continues to shrink with each passing day; national reports estimate that 70% of the independent recruiters have left the industry over the past 18 months.  


We at Berman Larson Kane continue to offer the “Best Staffing Options” and look forward to this recovery starting sooner than later.  The stock market recovery is just the first step in what we are predicting is going to be a great climb.


For the present it is our pleasure to continuing offering FREE transitioning services to those who have been innocent victims of the greatest job contraction in my 35 years in the staffing business.  FREE transition services offered:


1)      Scheduled for August 5th at 12 noon EST is our next FREE Interactive Webinar “Shopping Carts – Dumbbells – Prayer Books” Maximizing Personal Job Leads Please register for this event at

      This community service is available to all those in transition so feel free to pass

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2)      Our Book “Aim Shoot Get Hired” is now available as a FREE eBook and can be downloaded at

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