Stocks Down, Jobs Down, Housing Down, Gov. Bailout UP?

Can the economic news get any worst? In my short lifetime and the 28 years of Berman Larson Kane ( the news is the worst I can remember.  Or is the reason for all the massive doubt amplified by our new multi media international distribution channels?


For example, if I was to block out all the media (I know I’m fantasizing) and drill down to the tiny microcosm of BLK we are experiencing sideways activity.  Our temporary staffing division is experiencing double digit growth (go figure) our direct hire division is taking it on the chin with the exceptions of our technical sales division and clinical research division which are in a growth pattern).  So although we are not growing we are not in need of a government bailout at the moment.  (Although I think we are small enough to fail, but I would strongly consider a government loan if one was offered). So the bottom line is the World, U.S. & New Jersey economy continues to tank and we at BLK are surviving.  I think I might disconnect my RSS feeds, NYTimes Alerts, televisions, radio and keep only the sports section of my newspaper.  Then maybe, just maybe I will be able to get at least one nights good sleep.