Staffing Process Warranty

We at BLK had a very successful month of November. The common success denominator was process cooperation between the job-seeker, BLK-staff and the hiring-authority. The very essence of this cooperation revolves around the foundation of all relationships “trust”.

The job-seeker trusted the BLK staff to match their career desires with the appropriate hiring-authority. The hiring-authority trusted the BLK staff to identify the right talent. And the BLK staff trusted its internal processes and team to seamlessly orchestrate the match. Sounds simple in theory, but is very complex in execution. All three parties have multiply responsibilities, implied and un-implied warranties and the need for continuous communication. The process can breakdown at any point with a negative impressions and disappointments experienced by all.

I am very interest in leaning from each of you about some of these disappointments. We at BLK work very hard at meeting our hiring-authorities and job-seekers requests. But I know that by the large numbers of visitors to our website that our processes can be improved on, so I look forward to your comments. Thanking you in advance.