Snowbound & Spring Jobs

Snowbound continues and February will be only one day old greeting us with the next snow / ice dump.  How do you keep up your spirits, as the weather continues to chill us all? 


Well in a few days pitchers and catchers report to spring training in the warmth of Florida and Arizona.  Spring is on the horizon for all of us and hopefully so is the job recovery.  And I believe that even before the warm weather arrives that job growth will increase into positive territory.


Those who have been unemployed are very anxious to see a thaw in the employment chill.  We at Berman Larson Kane ( continue to be optimistic about job creation during 2011.  Although I must admit the January job launch has been slower than I predicted.  We are seeing the hiring process stretched over additional weeks because of cancellation due to the weather here on the east coast.  This hopefully will snowball (bad pun) into amazing job creation numbers for February / March.  I am positive by April hiring will reach a panic as certain skill sets become scarce.


As for now those of us who are lucky enough to be employed might consider seeing the movie “Company Men”. This film is a reality check of how thin the line is from employed to unemployed and how effects every aspect of your life.


For the 17 million who continue to seek meaningful employment I wish you all the best and hopefully better times are ahead.