Return to Normal?

The bad economic news continues.  Job creation down…inflation up…. brink of war in Russia/Georgia…icons like Lehman Brothers in financial troubled waters…. earnings down across almost all disciplines’ and the sadist news the closing of Bennigans drinking establishments’.  I always thought people drank more in harder times…So much for any conventional wisdom remaining true in these uncharted times.


As for the BLK world we saw a decline in orders during the month of July but am happy to report that orders have returned to normal during the first three weeks of August.  I do believe that the job market is dismal with unemployment and layoff announcement increasing, however the rate of employment for college graduates between the ages of 25 – 50 remains at almost full employment.


Skill shortages still remain in several pockets with BLK finding and ever increasing need by our clients for compensation specials with the future prediction of inflation causing worries about fair wage rates.  Certain technology skills remain in demand with myself predicting a continuing increase in technology jobs returning to the states from poor off shore performance with limited cost savings being experienced.  Mid-level accountants with public experience remain in demand and health care remaining steady as our population continues to age.


So for the moment I again am thankful for our wonderful clients and talented BLK staff that continue to make headway into this continuous economic downturn.  Who every thought I would grateful for a $3.50 gallon of gas in New Jersey. 


I know we all have great times ahead or at least the illusion of a new president being elected in November.  I look forward to a return to reality and economic sensibility……