New Jobs New Light New Challenges

We at Berman Larson Kane ( have experienced an increase in new requirements for direct hires over the past 6 weeks.  Although these numbers are low compared to 2004 highs they have a significant increase over 2009, a welcoming sign in the right direction J.


As the department of labor reports March 2010 was the first month in along time with an uptick in the job creation numbers.  Another sign that things are getting better.  And if you remove the seasonal census workers the numbers are still close to 100,000 private sector jobs, another impressive step J


As I look out on the horizon it appears that the rapid shedding of jobs has ceased.  New jobs are being selectively created as companies look to expand business and find that their current workforce is at their stress limits.  Corporate earnings have been impressive pushing the Dow above 11,000, however it appears that corporations will need to increase headcount to continue sales and earnings growth.


But, we still have a long way and need allot of momentum to begin to make a dent in the 8 million plus jobs that were eliminated during the past 24 months.  We especially feel the pain of those that have been on unemployment for 6 months plus, as they are financially, intellectually and confidence level strained.


My predictions are for a steady job growth for the remainder of the year, but hoping for rapid expansion and job growth numbers in the 300,000 plus range in the near future.


Having been in the employment business for over 35 years I have never seen such talent struggle to secure meaningful employment.  Our Free BLK Job-Seeker webinar series  continue to help all of those in transition and we thank all of you for attending and appreciate your comments as so many of you have become successful webinar dropouts because you are landing jobs. 


Stay well everyone the sun is peaking through the clouds.