Negotiating with Your Employer Post Pandemic


Negotiating with Your Employer Post Pandemic

If you are like many professionals, you’ve been waiting to see how your workplace will adjust to the PPN (Post Pandemic Normal) , if one exists?  

While the economy looks to be turning around, experts say you may have to wait a bit longer for a real salary increase because companies remain cautiously frugal and not sure of the work force options with new acceptable remote options.

One new option that did not exist seamlessly pre-pandemic are remote workers.  But now that remote workers are becoming more the norm.  Companies now can hire from lower cost of living areas of the country or offshore and pay workers less for the same skill set.  So that the logical line “I am more productive from home than the office” might have unanticipated consequences long term.

Do not be discouraged, though. Since firms are also becoming concerned about retaining their best employees. Now might be a good time to negotiate for other things that could make your job easier or sweeten the deal for you.   Like a fixed work from home schedule, better home computer systems, a flexible hourly schedule with meetings attendance optional.

Before you ask for anything; however, think about what would make your job or life better—and consider if those things will be easy for the company to say yes to and continue to maintain a solid work force as more workers return to the office.

When you have your performance review, go over your job description and compare it to what you are already actually doing a lot has change during the past 12-18 months. There might be quite a discrepancy which might merit a promotion or change in hours and compensation.

Ask your manager for a mid-year review to make your case. While many companies froze salaries during the pandemic, several of them added exceptions for promotions.

If it is your life that could use some renegotiation, ask to customize your work schedule with a flexible start time or a few weeks a month of telecommuting. But do not focus exclusively on your needs when you ask. Explain how having a week without a lengthy commute in a quiet home office will help increase your productivity or improve your work. 

And don’t give up if your first request isn’t accepted find out what about your offers don’t work and use to create something that will.  Now is the once in lifetime window of change hopefully you can make it work towards yours and your employer’s advantage.


A steady increase in new orders continues to materialize during the past quarter and we are very optimistic going forward.  Most of our clients are seeing an increase in their businesses and see and opportunity for quick recovery.  This fast-paced recovery should lead to a new increased hiring demands at all levels of the work force.

During the early months of the pandemic many economists were predicting a V shape recover.  We believe they were correct with this projection just did not realize how long and severe the bottom of the V would last.

So going into the third quarter we at Berman Larson Kane see promising signs of employee demand at all levels for the rest of 2021.

Stay healthy and enjoy the new normal that will emerge.  We will all be stronger, healthier, and wiser from our pandemic experiences.