Lucky Number “7” Best Employer Ranking

Last evening was the awards banquet “Best Places to Work” sponsored by New Jersey Biz. It was a perfectly run event moving at a quick pace through the 50 NJ companies to be recognized as outstanding employers.

We at Berman Larson Kane ( were honored with the lucky number “7” ranking and were proud to be in the company of such wonderful organizations.

The room was filled with over 600 attendee’s each awaiting the ranking announcements; it was American Idol “ist” without the singing. The energy in the ballroom along with the caliber of employees was amazing. This room represented many of things that are right about U.S. business, service, community service, loyalty, appreciation, volunteerism, family, fun and rewards. What a refreshing evening…..

My observation of the room……the foundation of a “Best Place to Work” is not benefits, compensation, perks and flexibility (although these are all part of the formula). The real measure of success is hiring the right people who have a passion for what they do and being in the company of passionate people makes for a “Great Working Environment”

Right People in Right Jobs =’s a “Great Place to Work” A simple formula that is extremely challenging to execute.

As for now the employer that offered “dog walking service” to its staff is my favorite extreme perk since I neither have or want a dog…..but the company that figures out how to exercise for you so I can continue to watch television will be the first employer of choice for New Jersey and the nation (just joking) Stay well and congratulations to all….