Looking for a job? Looking for a safe investment? Looking for some positive news?

Looking for a job? Looking for a safe investment? Looking for some positive news?


The Answer is “Saturday Night Live”. Some how their satires are becoming real.  Maybe Tina Fey is really the leader of our country?  Well enough silliness; let me share the job market realities from the BLK (www.bermanlarsonkane.com) world before I break into tears.


In our tiny universe we are experiencing a steady flow of contract and temporary assignments.  These orders are remarkably ahead of last years’ assignments by at least 10%.  The only explanation I can offer is companies need to fill certain skill shortages and temps/contractors/consultants are the solution to get the task completed without making a long-term commitment.  Budgets are tightening for new headcount, but temporary consultants help meet workflow without increasing headcount.


On a positive note our good clients continue to use us here at BLK for the few openings that they have and our research & recruiting staff are very proficient at finding the best sample that the market has to offer.  I thank our regular clients and we continue to find cost effective solutions to their personnel needs.


On the downside we are finding that although the number of job requirements placed with our firm remain constant,  that interview cycles are being extended, as the client needs to really justify every hire with a strong bottom line business need.  This has created slow down in new hires and direct placement revenue.


In today’s tight job market we are finding a steady demand for strong sales professionals as all clients look to increase sales and market share.  Skill shortages of mid-level accountants remain and I believe will increase as companies look for ways to save and account for every penny of expenses/revenue.  In the technology arena shortages remain for good system integrators & analysts, DBA’s, business intelligence and various programmers.  We are experiencing a cutback in administrative support, human resources and lease administrators.  The Pharma world although slowing down remains a bed of activity and competition for good clinical personnel.


As I look to lead BLK we remain highly focused on bringing the best and brightest talent to our clients openings.  This assures them a good return on their investment.  Since we all know human capital is the bedrock of all great companies in both good and bad times.


Thank you to all for your support….as a old bat this is the 4th major economic crisis I have faced in the past 30 years….the only reflection or insight I have to offer is “the crisis I am currently involve in is always the worst”.  Including prime at 20+% (1980) Stock Market crash (1987) Resolution Trust and Saving & Loan Failures (1992) and the technology storm (2000-2002) and of course the horror of 911.  We will survive and the supermarkets will have food to buy.  Thank God for Potato Chips and Saturday Night Live.