Layoff Announcements

Ford, General Motors and Kraft have announced massive layoffs. Will this be the trend for 2006? We at Berman Larson Kane are still predicting strong job growth for the reminder of the year. But this certainly puts a damper on our most optimistic projections.

In my attempt not to over react to these announcements. Although 10 –25% reductions are big numbers of layoffs since these firms all employ a 100,0000 plus. I am comforted by the fact that most of the job creation in this country over the past decade has come from small to mid-size employers.

My concern is will the economy be able to absorb these laid-off workers in a timely matter? I assume many of the autoworkers will need to be re-trained to secure wages at current rates. And the psychological stress that these workers will undergo has not one redeeming quality.

So where are my rambles leading me? 2006 should remain good for job creation. But the real growth will come from the small business that will continue to discover specialty niches in this changing economic climate.