Labor Day on Horizon / Is Job Creation on the Horizon ???

As the days of summer begin to wind down and the cool weather approaches what will happen to the job market?

We at Berman Larson Kane continue to see an increase of new clients and job orders as the month progresses. . The second half of the month is trending stronger then the first; however, this will probably make August a average month. This current increase is a very optimistic sign that things hopefully will accelerate beginning in September and continue through the remainder of 2012.

Job openings increased in HR support , top notch machine engineers and mechanics, IT developers, IT support and software sales.
We are concerned as we witness long term employment epidemic with recent unemployment numbers growing. And although numerous job openings exist, the skills needed to fill many jobs do not match those on extended unemployment.

So hardships and depressing conditions continue to overwhelm those in transition. We are cautiously optimistic for the future while remaining extremely concerned for the unemployed. I view this macro job scene one day at a time, one job at a time, one successful transition at a time. Looking forward to someday celebrating a prosperous Labor Day Holiday