Labor Day Job Projections

Labor Day is only a few days away.  Will the economy celebrate this important holiday by creating work for the millions who seek it?  All the economic reports predict flat to slight growth during the remainder of 2010 with concerns for a double dip recession.  We at Berman Larson Kane ( have fair amount optimism for job creation in our small universe.


Some signs that growth might not be as dismal as the economist are forecasting:


-Many of our long established clients are planning to add to staff after the Labor Day holiday.

            -We are experiencing an increase in our temporary and contract employee’s conversions to direct hire status.

            -Our new client’s numbers continue to grow during the summer months.

            -New job orders held steady during July & August.  Our usual experience is a decrease of hiring during summer months.

            -We are finding many job candidates are being offered several positions during their job-hunting cycle. The cycle however continues to be exceptionally long.

            -A recent staffing industry meeting that I attended the consensus seem to have a few hints of optimism for the remainder of the year and beyond.

            -Our job-seeker webinar series (

Attendance has decrease in recent months.  This is a good thing for nothing would make us happier here at BLK than for the need for this service to cease.


So as the summer comes to a close and the vacation cycle spins down.  We are looking forward to hiring increasing and job opportunities being more plentiful.  However we still have a long way to go before all those that want a job can land one.


I continue to thank our loyal clients and job seekers for their support and we at Berman Larson Kane will continue to offer the “Best Staffing Options”.