Labor Day 2013

Labor Day 2013

 Our BLK clients are revving up for an aggressive fall hiring schedule. 

We have witnessed a slow down during the summer, but compared to the past 3 summers it was relatively busier.

Areas with the most aggressive hiring schedules remains, Information Technology across many job titles including programming, web developers, data warehousing, data base analysts and business analysis.

The technical sales hiring remains the most competitive environment with aggressive poaching between competing companies.  The business service sector continues to show additional improvements, with real estate development returning to the hiring cycle.  The clinical area has returned to hiring as consolation in the pharm industry has leveled off.  Demand for machinist continues to increase as the aging of this work force segment continues to advance.

So the bottom line that we at Berman Larson Kane continue to remain optimistic for the remainder of 2013.  We so thank our loyal clients for their continuous support and welcome the continuing additions of new clients to our services.

Enjoy  your labor day weekend it is the best market for employment in several years, although plenty of room remains for improvement with still so many struggling to find meaningful employment