Well as summer begins is this job market hot or not? Mixed signals are appearing everywhere. The department of labor is showing steady job growth for May, with a recent revision up from the sluggish April job creation report….

A Wall Street Journel article suggests that the DOL possibly over counted by as much as 500,000 jobs since January 2007. If correct that would bring the job creation numbers to the equivalent of zero. A recent Manpower survey reported companies are planning to hire at a slower rate in 2007 then the previous year.

The unemployment rate continues to hover in the same vicinity with a slight fluctuation downward suggesting all is well.

And our Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) experience shows a downward number of job orders from our clients starting in December of 2006, with a recent upward surge beginning June 2007.

So up or down hot or cold good times challenging times is this the best time to seek new employment or hire additional staff? Guess its your guess!

As the president of Berman Larson Kane I would report that we are seeing an increase competition for good talent. The top tier job-candidates are receiving multiply offers, with substantial salary increases and quality of life work flexibility schedules. So our recruiters report a war for top talent and are advising our client companies to accelerate the interview cycle to stay competitive.

Our recent surge in new job orders is across several disciplines with legal, information technology and human resources leading the pack. So going forward into the summer if I was to flip a coin I would predict it has slightly better chance of landing on the increase job creation side….to be continued….