June Graduations and Employment

My informal survey of friends and families with college graduates this May-June is overly represented by  “I’m going to grad school in the fall”.

The question is do students need advanced degrees to secure jobs in their chosen fields? Will a masters increase odds of securing employment? Or are we delaying the realities of the new job market and setting up for future failure?

I think there are no simple answers.

The one constant that I have witnessed in my 30 plus years (Berman Larson Kane) of earning my living discovering talent for organization is that transferable, usable, value adding skills are always in demand.  Usable skills I am presently seeing in demand are data analysis, programming, new media (creative, technical. marketing), industry certifications, interdependence and independence.  Also a maturity factor has emerged favoring young adults who know what they don’t know and are willing to listen and learn from others experience.

Recent graduates, non-graduates and post graduates that can demonstrate success in these skills whether it be school projects, internship, part time work or just plain old experience will secure the new jobs.

So the only crumb of advice I offer to the new graduate students is if your goal is securing employment in your chosen field?  Make sure you are somehow, someway acquiring practical skills that employers are willing to hire and pay good wages.

Just a simply reminder education is usually the best path to learn new and exciting usable skills.  Good Luck Class of 2013 it is a new, exciting and complicated world.  Something’s remain the same J Looking for motivational quotes to keep going visit https://www.facebook.com/BermanLarsonKane .