June Graduation Season & Your Career

Here at Berman Larson Kane (https://www.jobsbl.com) we have several staff member’s children graduating from high schools and colleges. Each BLK employee is filled with excitement watching their children cross these thresholds to college, graduate school and the work force. Graduation parties are planned, proms anticipated and ceremonies attended with great excitement. Graduates and their families all anticipating a bright future for loved ones.

As I attend these milestones, listen to the commencement speakers and look into the eyes of the robed graduates, the speakers always bridge the good times pasted with the obligation and commitments to the future. I am always motivated by the humane platitudes of these speeches. They sort of remind me of New Year’s eve resolutions sounding great in the heat of the June sun, extremely logical as I sit in the bleachers but forgotten by my retreat to air conditioning and a cold drink.

My question to myself is how do I maintain this June spark throughout the year. Our established careers should be refreshed with these insights and send us forth ready to conquer the world. Or at the very least showing up for work on time.