June 2015 Career Report Issue # 184



Bob Larson, CPC President Berman Larson Kane
Bob Larson, CPC President Berman Larson Kane

Answering the Question You “Don’t Know”

If during the job interview you are asked a technical question you don’t know,  reply with the simple “I don’t know”.

A technical question only has tangible answers. This black and white leaves little room for the job seeker to use their creative abilities. Therefore the best way to handle the technical question you don’t know is with the following simple reply – “I DON’T KNOW.”

The reason for such a blatant admission of “not knowing” is to build a feeling of trust between you and the interviewer. If you bluff, guess at the answer, or make false claims that become more evident as the interview progresses, you will lose credibility and all additional or previous non-technical questions will become suspect. And who will make a job offer to a person they don’t trust?

However, if the opportunity exists, one technique that can be used to build trust, confidence and  give the potential job seeker an opportunity to capitalize on his/her knowledge, is to ask the interviewer for an EXPLANATION AND EXAMPLE OF HOW AN UNKNOWN TOOL IS USED. During the reply, listen very carefully, absorbing as much information as possible. After you have questioned the interviewer thoroughly and are confident – and I stress confident – that you understand the answer, relate the use of this tool to an aspect you have worked with. For example, suppose you are being questioned on a function of yahoo,   you might respond with similar concepts you’ve used with google.

The point to make to the interviewer is that you understand the unknown concept and can adjust with little difficulty. The interviewer will know that you are bright, a quick learner, and will not bluff when the heat is on. If the rapport is really flowing you might add if hired we can combine our knowledge to add value to the  employers’ challenges….

New from BLK

May was a strong month here at BLK with business continuing to improve.  Our website and facebook fan page reported increase traffic.  We renewed our membership with the NJSA and our newsletter clicks reached an all time high.  We thank all for your continuous support and look forward to an active summer for client hiring.