July Employment Fireworks?

Although the job market continues to improve the number of unemployed remains at historical highs.  Will we be celebrating in July the new job number releases?  I would think not.


Our Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) tiny universe is seeing a continuous increase in both temporary and direct hire orders the past 4 months.  This has been really good for a select group of job-seekers and has propelled us to a wonderful quarter.  But from talking with many hiring authorities hiring is remaining soft and selective.  Many companies are not ready to make long-term commitments in staffing.  Productivity numbers continue to improve and I believe many companies will ride this wave for the immediate future.


So my prediction for the summer months are NO Hiring Fireworks, but selective pockets and skill sets will continue to see improvements. 


Our BLK micro world is seeing an increase in IT hiring across many skill sets, a steady increase in technical sales opportunities, a small increase in HR positions, a select amount of hiring in the financial area and a sideways movement in Pharma positions.


So if you are job-seeker better days are on the horizon.  And if you land a new job launch some firecrackers so the rest of us can enjoy the belief that our job is on the horizon.  Your sparks will hopefully ignite some major hiring fireworks in the near future.


Special thanks to our BLK clients who have help us achieve a record quarter.  Your confidence in our services is so greatly appreciated and as president of Berman Larson Kane I pledge that we will continue attempts to exceed your expectations.


For those in transition we will continue offering our FREE Job-Seeker webinars until you all become webinar dropouts because you have landed a great job.  You can read what others have said about our most recent webinar by visiting https://jobsbl.com/jobs/coaching/testimonials.php?id=59  Stay well…Bob Larson, CPC