Jobs? Jobs Where? Where Type? Type

I am about to leave for the National Association of Personnel Services ( annual convention. Attendance is almost sold-out and will be at least 650 plus leaders representing the recruiting and staffing industry.

The staffing industry in my opinion is one of the leading indicators of job creation in this country along the help wanted index. When employment of recruiters rises the general market is usually directly following. From these announced large attendance numbers it appears that the immediate future for employment prospecting will continue to improve. So those of you who are jobbing these numbers would suggest a goodtime ahead. As for employers it appears the competition for talent will only be getting more competitive.

As for the Berman Larson Kane ( micro barometer employment index we are seeing a shifting job growth towards the contractor/ temporary segments. I am not sure of the reasons? Depleted headcount budgets, lack of confidence, project work staffing, budget restrictions, capitalization or just flexible staffing strategies. But the bottom line is that we’ve experienced a dramatic upswing in temporary/contract hiring across several disciplines in September.

As for direct hire clients’ staffing requirements continue at a consistent rate. However; increasing growth of opportunities in niches with an increasing talent shortage include junior accountants, all junior – midlevel financial personnel, midlevel and senior JSP, NET, C#, database developers, technical sales and compensation analysts. This personnel shortage is creating a inflated sense of job openings since our experience here at BLK is at least 3 advertised openings for each available job candidate.

So my ramblings bring again to a prediction of flat unemployment with positive job growth numbers for the near future with increasing talent wars in the above competitive niches. As for the increase in temporary opportunities Q1 07 will determine if this is a year end patch or a new employment trend. So, I guess I am still guessing and after 30 years and I still know nothing.