Jobs Jobs Maybe a Few New Jobs

While the unemployment rate remains high in the 10% range several signs point to new jobs being created in 2010.


For the past two years our country has consistently lost jobs month over month, with the most recent few months we are almost at a leveling point as the number of jobs shred drops to the low 5 figures from the high 6 figures.


Tomorrow’s employment announcement for the month of December should continue in this low range.  If we are surprised with a positive number it will be the first time in a long time that we created more jobs than we lost.  A good sign that we are stabilizing and have reach level ground.


Going forward I really believe that we will see some positive job growth during 2010 with the numbers by March reaching a positive low six-figure range.   If, all factors remain constant and we avoid a national meltdown confidence will return to the employment market.  As this confidence returns, sales will increase, housing will be restored and job creation will to accelerate.


From our marketing efforts here in our small micro-world at Berman Larson Kane ( the majority of our clients are planning to increase staff during the first six months of 2010 although not at robust levels.  The really solid news is that a very small minority less than 2% of our clients is planning on shedding jobs over the next two quarters.


As this New Year begins to roll along I wish for a return too a day when jobs were plentiful and all that wanted to work could.  I think we are 4-5 years away from low unemployment numbers of below 5% … but for the moment I am happy that the shedding has ceased!