Jobs for the FALL :-)

Jobs for the FALL J


The lazy days of summer are over, Labor Day is pasted and the question is will the job market finally heat-up as the weather gets cooler?


As we have all read the number of jobs lost the past month has decreased significantly.  But for those who are in transition this is hardly good news.  We need this number to turn to positive with more jobs being created then lost! Once this happens and I am predicting Q4 09 we will start seeing a few more smiles from the unemployed.  


As for trickles of life (green shouts) we at Berman Larson Kane ( are experiencing several clients adding temporary staff as they fill in skill challenges within their organizations.  Having been in the employment field for 30 plus years temporary hiring was the first sign of life during the three official recessions I have lived through.  Hopefully this one is following the same pattern.


Last evening as I listened to the Presidents address on “Healthcare” as a business person, I know this challenge needs to be addressed so we can become more competitive on a global scale.  Tom Friedman’s column in yesterdays’ New York Times “Well, to compete and win in a globalized world, no one needs the burden of health insurance shifted from business to government more than American business. No one needs immigration reform — so the world’s best brainpower can come here without restrictions — more than American business. No one needs a push for clean-tech — the world’s next great global manufacturing industry — more than American business.” As for the moment I continue to thank our clients for their business, our staff for adding value to our clients staffing challenges and we continue to assist those in transition with our FREE job-seeker webinars. 

I am hopeful that sometime on the not too distant horizon, Wednesday September 16TH topic can be retired for at least the next decade “Staying Motivated and Organizing Your Day During an Extended Job Search” to register and follow the links. 

Happy job hunting Q4 will be the first flicker of real light.