Job Market Confused ???

August is upon and Labor Day is around the corner.  What is going on with the job market?

We here at Berman Larson Kane ( have witness a steady increase in orders during the first few weeks of August.  We have witness a surge in IT technical openings with an emerging   shortage of talented java-developers.   Clients are finding that their talent discovery process is strained to meet this demand.  And we at BLK are delighted to offer our assistance in attempting to meet demand.

But as for the real job growth that our economy really needs to prosper; unfortunately the majority of new employment is being generated by part time employment and a growing demand for food service workers.  These are not the highest quality of jobs with at best limited benefits and future career growth.

So for the remainder of the year we are predicting a continuous growth in the IT technical sector, continuous competitive demand for software sales staffing, with modest growth in the professional service space and a continuation of modest job growth over all.  Our predictions for the unemployment rate that is will probable remain in its current 7.2 – 7.8% range and possibly begin to lower toward 6.2 % second quarter of 2014.

The Berman Larson Kane  team thanks our steady clients for their support, are delighted to service technology needs for  new and existing clients and are focused on having achieved a record direct hire year.