Job Creation? Why is BLK doing OK?


We at Berman Larson Kane continue to monitor the job growth numbers for our clients and continue to express concern across most employment sectors.


All employment reports no matter how you attempt to put a positive spin on them continue dismal at best.  We continue to experience negative job creation; rising unemployment and an increase in discourage worker or bluntly those who have just plain given up looking for work.


Today’s New York Times business section had an article entitled “Many more are Jobless than Unemployed” by Floyd Norris.  This article really points to the severity of the job numbers and goes on to explain that the number of white men in their prime working/productivity years are approaching 1 in 7 are not working.  This is one of the highest numbers in the past 60 years.  I don’t thing that the number of Mr. Mom’s is accounting for this high percentage of males not working.


 He goes on to look at the number of women “But even among women there has been some slippage. The proportion of women ages 25 to 54 without jobs was 27.4 percent in March, a figure that is higher than it was during all but one month of  the 2001 recession.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        As General Electric earnings decrease, financial markets gyrate, consumer purchases decrease and gasoline pump prices increase. What is the future of the job market?  I am not overly optimistic. However, again from our little microcosm here at Berman Larson Kane we thank our clients with continuing faith in our services.  Utilization of our contract and temp services continues to give our clients a viable alternative to long-term commitments.  These contract jobs give many job seekers additional options and always give them an improved chance of direct hire at the completion of the temporary assignment. Additionally our retention programs continue to assist clients with hanging on to their most productive employees’.  

So for the moment, I continue to thank our diligent BLK staff for giving our clients some of the best staffing options in the industry. And thought hard efficient efforts BLK was selected again as one of the “Best Places to Work in New Jersey”.  Now to get back to putting more job seekers to work! We are doing our best from here.