Job Creation #’s :-(

Job creation continues to crawl along and even lost momentum for the month of April with the economy only creating 115,000 jobs. Not good news for our job seekers who were hoping for a more aggressive number of new jobs materializing.

Well with the DOL report is unquestionably base on a large data sample; however, we here at Berman Larson Kane ( continue to see positive results with job listings increasing during April. If our tiny sample is correct we are anticipating a very positive hiring pattern for May.
Bruce Steinberg’s blog might explain why we at BLK number differ from the over all numbers because our service area includes the following that had positive momentum:

· The Professional and business services sector added 62,000 jobs in April, which is encouraging after adding only 37,000 in March but still less than the 89,000 it added in February. Computer systems design and related services added 7,400 jobs in April and Management and technical consulting services, which is smaller, added 6,400.

· The Education and health services sector added a total of 23,000 jobs in April with the highly seasonal Educational services sub-sector contributing 4,300 of those new jobs. This means that the Health care and social assistance portion was up about 18,400 jobs, with several major sub-sectors adding jobs including Home health care services that added 6,300. However, Nursing cares facilities as well as Child day care services eliminated a number of jobs.

 As we go forward I continue to remain optimistic for job growth and employment over the next 18-24 months. We continue to hear from clients looking to add back to staff because their current work force is stressed to its limits. New skill mixes continue to materialize in the technology sector and all are looking to increase their sale and brand presents.

As for this moment we at Berman Larson Kane thank our clients for their support and look forward to assisting all with their talent acquisition challenges.