A net lose of 1.9 million jobs since September 08.  If we factor in the first two weeks of 09 I am sure we are well over a net lose of over 2 million jobs in a little over 4 months…OUCH….unemployment at 7.2% … and that does not count those working part time who want full time jobs, those under employed and those who have just pain given up looking for work…..I feel save in estimating the current true unemployment rate to be in double digits.  OUCH OUCH……. And this does not factor in several employers that had mandatory furloughs…..employers that close doors without pay for the holiday’s…..OUCH  OUCH OUCH


President-elect Obama I hope congress passes your stimulus package quickly and make job creation the primary focus….Are you sure your target of 3 million new jobs is large enough.  Borrow Borrow Borrow job creation must be number one priority of your administration.


Although we at Berman Larson Kane ( are doing our best to help jobseekers locate new employment.  We remind or readers that we have over 100 job advice article on our webpage in the historical section of our newsletters and have live and on demand FREE job seeker webinars on our website to assist all job seekers. ( . Put on your speakers to attend past webinars on demand or register for the next live session on January 15th at 12 noon EST.


As for my predictions I am guardedly optimistic that this job recovery will be quicker that all believe.  I think the acceleration of the jobs recovery will be a reaction to the over cutting of staff that has taken place over the past 4 months.  Companies will need to add to staff with the slightest increase in capacity.  For all those that are unemployed/underemployed or discouraged employees I hope and pray that I am right this time.  Stay well and happy job hunting.