Job Creation Numbers Not Wonderful Unless You are in Technology

88,000 a good number for numerologists “infinity and beyond”; but not much for continuing our path towards
better job growth.  These disappointing numbers are a sad contrast to the optimistic  projections of 175-180,000 by analysis has a measured
element of concern.

Well to examine the numbers more closely the professional business sector had a net increase of 51,000 jobs in March, down for April but still a sold increase.  What surprised us here at Berman Larson Kane is that the computer systems design and related services added only 3,900 positions in March.  Our BLK universe is experiencing heated competition for talent in this technology space with many clients being challenged to staff IT niches. We had expected a much larger number here although technical consulting service jobs added 6,200.

Looking forward the unemployment rate in technology is at tor closely approaching full employment.  So the war for good talent will continue to become more competitive as we get deeper into 2013 and beyond.

We thank all of our clients for helping us to a near record staffing Q1 with the prospects for Q2 2013 being extremely positive in technology
and technology consulting.

Berman Larson Kane remains concerned for so many job-seeker who have either given their job search and continue to struggle looking for suitable work.   According today’s report over 800,000 are in the discourage employment category and this is such an unacceptable number.

We will continue here at BLK with our mission of offering
the “Best Staffing Options” to our clients and the job-seeker population.