IT Talent “Hotter than a Bikram Yoga Studio”

The IT technical area is becoming a heated  competitive landscape for the “best talent”.  We here at Berman Larson Kane  continue to assist our clients with attracting and closing this shrinking talent pool. Good developers are in short supply. And we believe that the compensation in this niche will begin to grow in the 15-25% percent range for the upper tier of talent over the next 6-12 months. 

Pockets of strength include e-commerce, software development, content management, data mining and predictive marketing.  Systems and Network support/integration  are finding a new higher demand.  As software sales staffing leads the herd in competition for best talent.

As we at Berman Larson Kane continue to assist our clients within this IT staffing niche as we have for the past 33 years.  It is beginning to feel like a return to the past with candidates generating multiple job offers, current employers offing lucrative counters  to keep talent and candidates asking for edgy perks. 

The winner’s in this are our clients that are adjusting quickly to this emerging competitive landscape and are keeping the interview cycle moving at the blistering pace. 

As for our future predictions, the immediate future will continue at this blistering HOT pace and somewhere in what we are calling the distant future this market will find a more reasonable demand for talent balance.

As for now continue to network with all