Good News / Bad News on Job Front

Well I never thought I live for the day that a net loss of 500,000 plus jobs in a month is reported as good news.  But then again, I never visualized a job decline of 5 plus million and a new UE rate of almost 9%.  “Live and Learn”


So what is the reality of the situation here at Berman Larson Kane? ( New job orders continue to trickle in at best from established clients.  New client development is a challenge as most segments of the economy continue to experience a decline in sales.  Confidential searches are the lifeblood of the direct hire business, with the contracting/temp hiring being the model of choice by most employers.  A few of our specialties are showing some life: pharmaceutical/ biotechnology, technical IT sales and compensation specialist all business lines. 


New hiring will not begin in earnest until net job creation numbers begin to approach zero or experience a small positive number.  I believe that we are getting closer to this becoming a reality & once it happens new hiring will begin with a roar.  And continue for at least a nine-month period.  For all of those that are unemployed I hope it happens sooner than later.  From talking with a lot of recruiters the industry consensus point to September 09.  If they are right this will make for a real joyous “labor day” celebration.


As for the present our outstanding staff, wonderful clients and BLK’s mix of products is keeping us moving at least sideways (without the wine).  Our community service project offers free webinars to the jobseeker public continues to draw large numbers every session.


As for the summer I hope that the employment market heats up to unbearable temperatures, but in reality I am just hoping that employment begins to lift from its deep freeze.  So I guess losing jobs at a slower rate is the first step to recovery.  Happy job hunting….