Gas UP Jobs Down BLK OK

Gas at 135 dollar per barrel….pump gas here in NJ @ 4 dollar per gallon…Ford announces layoffs…Avaya announces layoffs…BJ’s sales increase…and American Airlines announces a 15 dollar charge for checking one piece of luggage…and Hillary announces she will fight through August to lead us to ????


Well, we here at Berman Larson Kane ( continue to assist our clients in finding the best talent.  Our unique staffing products and services continue to gain market share in a shrinking hiring market.  I remain thankful for being surrounded by a talented wonderful staff that our clients have confidence in giving us the opportunity to identify talent for their staffing needs.


During the month of April/May we have seen a steady increase in our clients utilizing our contracting and temp services.  With a double-digit growth rate….not sure why?…but I believe clients are interested in hiring slowly because of the uncertainties in the long-term economy.


Our retention programs are experiencing an increase of inquiries and scheduled webinars as our clients look to retain their outstanding talent in these uncertain times. 


As for growth segments….the only real or accelerated growth is taken place in the ‘new media’ and “e-marketing” companies…with the pharm, technical services and logistic segments holding steady.  We are also experience some growth in confidential searches as company look to increase weak segments without losing momentum.


As for my future predictions for employment ….I am counting on the graying of the work force to continue to generate jobs in these trying times….


And as always I thank our loyal clients for continuing to place faith in our services and I smile that we at Berman Larson Kane were selected again as a “Best Place to Work” winner for our second consecutive year.