End of 2007 Beginning of 2008 Job Growth

Everywhere I look the economic news is bleak…..the banks are struggling, investment houses are losing money for the first time, retail sales are down and both commercial & residential real estate are in a tail spin.  So where will new jobs be created? (www.jobsbl.com)


Well the odds of new jobs being created in constructions is probably not a good bet along with mortgage companies, banks, brokerage houses and pharmaceuticals.


I do predict that new jobs will be created in support areas of manufacturing as they become more competitive internationally with the falling dollar.  Hospitality, especially in the major metro regions, will also benefit from the overseas tourists as they to quote one of our international clients “ buy new cloths for the price of buttons in their home countries”.  Software development and technical support companies will also add to staff as new niches for technologies are created.  And of course the hospital/healthcare/patient deliver jobs will continue to increase as our population pyramid continues to increase in the upper age blocks.  Also, the legal profession will continue to add staff as we discover new ways of suing each to recovering some of the financial loses that the sub-prime will continue to create.


So our little world here at Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) we continue to see new orders from our clients across a wide spectrum of midsize to small companies. A continuing shortage of good information technology and financial professionals will create a growing need for talent.  And competition to retain the best talent will increase our retention programs. 


The bottom line is I continue to thank our loyal clients for finding value in our staffing products and look forward to being given the opportunity to demo new potential clients on our solutions.  And even with all this bad economic news I continue to be optimistic for positive job creation numbers for 2008.