Employment “March Madness”

March is the season for College basketball playoffs and this year it is another month of job madness. We here at Berman Larson Kane (https://www.jobsbl.com/) continue to see a dramatic increase in the number of our clients that are hiring at a March Madness pace. This fast pace hiring was supported recently by the Department of Labors job creation numbers.

Hot areas include technology/finance/sales and a leading indicator that always suggests future hires is the increased need for recruiters. Competition for these skill sets is creating a war for talent with many job seekers having multi job offers from numerous employers. Another interesting trend is that the technology survivors of the dot.com era have seen a recent business surge creating a need to hire rapidly to increase/maintain their market share. The recent stigma of working for a dot.com has reverse itself back to being an employer of choice amongst some young technology professionals. We are all so lucky that our memories are so short!

As a staffing company we at Berman Larson Kane predict a continuing competition for talent. If these needs continue to accelerate we might even see employers willing to train US job seekers in needed skills. One word of caution, the wild card in this March Hiring Madness is the price of oil/bird flu and the always impending treat of terrorism. As for now job seekers should enjoy the competition on and off the court.

P.S. We are in day two and I am already out of the Basketball Pool because of putting my faith in our New Jersey/New York Colleges. Well we still have the best employment pool in the world…..Enjoy the bouncing ball and may your hoop dreams all come true.