Employment Down but Slowing Down

Again another month I look for the silver lining in the employment numbers.  Unemployment claims continue to run at record highs, job creation numbers continue in the negative and we at Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) continue to see at best a bottom.


What this economy really needs is about another 25 “Cash for Clunker” type programs to give people a reason to spend.   Maybe the government (since it already technically broke) would start programs like “trade in your jeans” “rusty toaster replacement” “raggedy carpet trade-in” well you get the idea…..we need to jump start the retail sector since all analysis claim that this is 70% of our economy. 


As for healthcare cost we need less scans, eliminate duplicate testing, create shared medical records with access by all providers and change the fee structure from dollars per transaction and focus & reward those who are keeping the patient healthy.   Our congress with debate these known fundamentals while the healthcare cost continue to drain our national economy. 


As for the job market I am still optimistic that some spotty hiring will begin after Labor Day and continue to gain moment over the next 18 months.  For those who are in transition hang in there better times are on the horizon.