Cupid Arrows and Job Performance

Effortless, seamless, natural, instinctive, in the flow, is the heart-warming expression for those with the right partners and/or the right careers. We at Berman Larson Kane ( are always in awe.

“Valentines Day” the hallmark/retailers holiday of love. A day to formalize our expressions of love for romantic partners with gifts of flowers, jewelry, cards and foods. For those lucky enough to be in a solid loving relationship all days of the year or at least most of those days are caring expressions of love. (No daily gifts needed) But occasional flowers and jewelry don’t hurt.

Well although it is different type of love. Think of those whom you know who are in the right career and jobs. They are usually successful, but would do their jobs with the same energy and passion no matter what the pay or hours. We all know this person; it might be a maintenance worker, sales professional or the CEO. It might be your accountant (probably not your lawyer just joking) or another service worker who is in a zone that allows them to perform their job perfectly, joyfully and gracefully everyday on every project. These lucky people are the cupids of the work world. These true work-a-world valentines are the ones that carry a company to greatness. Are the ones that all your customer’s love. Are the ones that you always want to embrace on your project team. And are the staffing professionals that you want filling your positions or assisting your careers.

On this day as you buy your gifts, write cards and make those expressions of love to your partners and/or those whom you are wooing. Take a brief moment to feel if this is a natural or forced activity. If it is natural you are in the flow. If it is forced I hope that it is a temporary situation. Because if it is not? Difficult choices could be on the horizon.

One final valentine career thought. Think of your job, as you’re other lover, friend and guardian. Read each hallmark sayings applying it to your job and career. Are you in that love zone? If you are, you are a very fortunate person. You are the ones that our clients love to hire and the ones lucky enough to be guarantee effortless career success. If it is forced? Career challenges are probably in your future.

Our Berman Larson Kane valentine wish to all is may the love of cupid strike your heart in all areas of your life. Enjoy the holiday and if you aren’t in the flow, at least you can drown your sorrows with chocolate.