Confidential Search Assignments Increase

Confidential Search Assignments Increase

I am not sure if this is a new market trend or it is results of our Berman Larson Kane past successes, but over the past 4 weeks we have pick up over 10 new assignments in this category.

For those not in HR or Staffing space  a confidential search is ordered when a client wishes to hire additional talent in a specific skill niche or title and does not want the opening brought to the attention of current staff.  Sometimes this is done because of the sensitivity of replacing a current employee because of skill or personality deficiencies.  Another frequent reason is that the organization has outgrown the talent scope of the employee’s abilities.  But the bottom line is confidential searches are order for numerous reasons.

So we at Berman Larson Kane approach these searches with extra precautions with the most important mission of first protecting the confidentiality of the client using many of the following steps:

1 – Recruiitng talent without revealing the employers identity until the 11th hour.

2 – Focusing recruiting efforts on passive candidates that will bring value to the client’s mission.

3 – Sometimes once finalist are isolated having them sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) so that the additional risk of clients opening spreading back to the hiring division is minimized.

4 – As part of the NDA making sure finalist do not post via social media or personal networks solicitations of information pertaining to the client.  In todays LinkedIn and Facebook world word of an opening can go viral.

5 – Arranging for interviews to be conducted off site or at our BLK Offices.

For our clients we are so please to put our experience to work on your behalf and thank you for your continuing trust in our talent discovery processes. We so appreciate your confidence in allowing us to add value to these sensitive and timely challenges.

If you are a potential client I would love to listen to your unique discipline challenges and see if we at Berman Larson Kane can recommend a cost efficient staffing solution.