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Finding the Unadvertised Job using Social & Professional Networks

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“I thought this webinar was very well run, and had very useful information. Made me see value of investing in building LInkedIn profile.”

“Thank you for providing this webinar, it was quite informative. I am currently a Linkedin member and have under 100 conncection. I will immmediately begin to increase my connections and take advantage of the many tips you provided such as updating my status, joining professional networks and seaching by preferred employers.”

“I found it to be educational and will join LinkedIn”

“Great webinar, Mr. Larson has done a fine job! I am active on LinkedIn and have found this webinar to still be quite helpful. It was a good reminder of using this professional site as a way to research the companies that I am applying to and would like to work for.”

“Thanks Bob. This is my first and not last webinar with you. Hopefully I will be a drop-out in the near future.”

“Very helpful, informative and well done”

“thank you. You gave me insight and tips regarding LinkedIn that I was not aware of and look forward to applying to help better my job search.Thank you again. I appreciate the fact that you give of yourself to help others.”

“very interesting and informative presentation, thank you”

“Great, as always Bob. You’re keeping us motivated and providing hope.”

“Outstanding! I’m well versed in LinkedIn, but learned several new features I can put to work immediately.”

“Bob Thank you for sharing some very practical and useful advice. The tips you provided will help all searching for thier next opportunity.”

“I learned some features I didn’t know about on LinkedIn even though I’ve been on for about a year.”

“I am on LinkedIn but always enjoy getting more ideas about how to maximize its use. As a President and General Manager, I would like to get more ideas about networking through LinkedIn as I need to reach the company owners and private equity companies that need new leadership.”

“This was great. I had no idea about the hidden job market. I am going to go home tonight and create an account.Thank you so much”

“I’m glad I took the time out of my ‘job search’ to get some great advice about how to make the search more fruitful (and, maybe, a little more enjoyable!). I have been on LinkedIn for awhile, but never utilized it to anywhere near its full potential. I’m grateful for advice from the voice of professional experience. Perhaps the most important advice for me is ‘DON’T be shy!’. I have difficulty ‘blowing my own horn’, so I will seek recommendations from those with whom I’ve worked well over the years.”

“Excellent content, I found the webinar very useful.”

“The Linkedin information was extremely useful. I will be more proactive in connecting to EVERYONE I know and those companies that I wish to work for.”

“Very helpful – especially the review of LinkedIn – I am a member, but it helps to have a refresher!”

“Dear Bob,Your insights were great. This is such a valuable service that you provide to those of us in transition. I have been using LinkedIn as my main source of networking, and I can confirm that it has landed me several interviews. I am a senior executive recruiter with enormous experience recruiting in numerous industries.”

“It was awesome. thank you”

“I have been using LinkIIn but you are the first person to really talk about how to increase connections. Thank you!”

“Dear Bob,The seminar was great, thank you. I have about 60 contacts in LinkedIn. But still not sure how to ask my former co-workers is there any position open for an Analytical Chemist. I will try to compose the question.Thank you again, I want to participate in all your seminars.”

“Very good content and pace. Even as an experienced LinkedIn user I learned a few new tricks.”

“Thanks for the detailed and informative overview of Linked-In – it now seems much more “”user-friendly””.”

“Enjoyed this webinar-valuable advice as always.”

“Seminar was well organized and informative. Didn’t previously know that I could extend my network through my elected officals. They would probably be good for acting as rferrals too. Although LIONs can greatly increase one’s network – they add people to your network that don’t really know you. As I’ve built my netwokr to nearly two hundred, I’ve tried to keep the 1st level mostly to people I’ve had some contact with and know me at least a little. Thank you for free seminar.”

“Thank you; I got a lot of useful information. Hopefully, it will help me in my job search. I will recommend your webinar to several more people that need your help.”

“Hi Bob – I attended your webinar today and found it extremely helpful. I didn’t see the feedback form you referenced at the end of the call, so I just wanted to let you know personally. Thanks for your help to those of us looking to improve our situations!!!” –