Changing Job Requirements

Today was a good day and a rough day here at BLK If it was a good day for several of you job seekers who secured some new and exciting positions through our BLK staff. If you are a hiring authority you are pleased with the excitement of adding to your human capital with these great talent acquisitions. Both parties are wide eyed with high expectations.

But if you had a challenging day as a job seeker, it is because the hiring authority, change specifications after your successful interview. We had two of these situations develop today.

One client after interviewing several qualified candidates as per their initial skill requirements. Decided to upgrade the position to a more senior level. The net effect of this learning curve is that several days of BLK researcher and recruiter work that was devoted to prescreening these candidates was wasted. And of course the poor job seeker (the ultimate suffer) lost time interviewing, suffered expectation disappointment & return to either a job that is no longer satisfying or worst yet continues in the unemployment ranks.

Another Client decided to put several positions on hold until next year. This again had the same effect of generating job seeker disappointments, BLK wasted effort and in this case disappointment from the hiring authority who really wanted to line up new talent before the start of next year. The good news about this scenario is that the client plans to resume a rapid hiring pace after January 1, 2005

So how do we all prevent these mid-course corrections? We at BLK do everything to help the client qualify the staffing need, suggest a time line for fulfillment and review the availability of talent. And yet still these situations arise. I would be very interested in hearing suggestions from you on how to prevent or minimize these occurrences. Thanks for your patience’s and I look forward to always offering each of you the “Best Staffing Options”